December 23, 2010

Hair Poetry - by Stacy M. Gilbert aka LuBella Coils

One of my favorite YouTube Channels - LuBella Coils, was created by Stacy M. Gilbert. Stacy a.k.a., LuBella Coils, is always uplifting and inspiring to those embarking on the natural hair journey. She is also an Author, registered Occupational Therapist and licensed Cosmetologist.

Her first book, "Black is Beautiful: A Guide To Loving Your God-given Hair" is composed of inspirational poetry and scriptures, as well as historical hair facts, and details of her personal natural hair journey. It’s a very quick read, but it’s packed with great information and quit wit - which had me laughing out loud on my train ride to work :o)

She writes about her "CROP" days - Chemically Relaxed or Pressed - and states that so much of her life was centered around her hair, that it dictated what she could or could not do. One of my favorite poems in the book is The Other Parent. It reminds me of my own "CROP" days.


The Other Parent

I will define to you what you can and cannot do.

I will need for you to wake up early, when the grass is wet with dew.

Before you leave the house, I need your undivided attention.

I have a few rules for you, so I need you to carefully listen.

No playing at the beach and no swimming in the pool.

I want you to look "pretty" for your recital after school.

Saturday we will spend some quality time, six hours just you and me.

Let’s try to start at ten, and hopefully we’ll be finished by three.

If Sunday’s forecast is muggy, misty, and raining all day,
we may have to skip church and just stay home and pray.

I am not trying to be harsh and seem as if I don’t care.

You know that I am one of your three parents, I am your hair.
*The highlighted words are like that in the book - I thought that was cool*
Peace and Blessings

December 21, 2010

Koils By Nature Product Review

Below is my Koils By Nature Product Review video :o) If you haven't tried Koils by Nature products as of yet, you should because they are great.

The customer service is wonderful, the CEO/creator of the products, Pamela - is super nice as well. Check out the Spotlight Article I wrote on her/Koils for the The product prices (all paid for by me - by the way) which range from $5 and up are reasonable.

My favorite scent so far from the line is Mango and my favorite products from the line so far are the hair and body butter and the herbal hair gel. Koils also sell products that are fragrance free.

The products do not contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petroleum, paraffin, DEA, which is also a plus.

Enjoy :o)

Peace and Blessings...

December 13, 2010

Shampoo Bar Giveaway :o)

Check out Mother of Pearl It Is' Blog - she is hosting a Holiday Gift Guide/Giveaway - which had been extended until December 20th :o)

My Bobeam Shampoo Bars and Shea Butter Moisturizer are a part of the giveway, as well as other wonderful gifts she is featuring as a part of her Holiday Gift Guide.

You can win your very own set of Shampoo Bars: Honey Shea, Cheris Hibiscus, Shealoe and Goats Milk & Honey, along with Bobeam's Medley Shea Moisturizer/Pomade.

The giveaway is open to U.S. Residents and ends Sunday, December 26th at 11:59pm EST.

MANDATORY ENTRY:Visit Bobeam on Etsy or here All Naptural blog, and go back to MOPII and tell her something you learned about me! You must also be a follower of Mother of Pearl It Is via Google Friend Connect to enter. Current and new followers alike are eligible to enter!

That's It! Good Luck :o)

Peace and Blessings...

December 01, 2010

12 Days of Holiday Magic, an Amazing Giveaway! is having a huge giveaway launching today, December 1st titled, "12 Days of Holiday Magic, an Amazing Giveaway!"

Each day they will be giving away hundreds of dollars worth of prizes as well as a grand prize worth $2,500-plus. The Amazing grand prize is a $1,500 Holiday Wardrobe Shopping Spree from Beyond The Rack, as well as a $500 CurlMart gift card and $500 worth of curly prizes.

I don't know anyone who wouldn't want a $1,500 holiday wardrobe shopping spree and hair products to last them for years!

How to Enter ...

Click here to enter to be eligible. Each entry also goes towards the grand prize drawing on December 13, 2010.

Again, the giveaway begins TODAY - December 1, 2010 and ends on December 12, 2010, at 11:59 p.m. And the best part is no purchase is necessary :o)

Also, Beyond the Rack provided NaturallyCurly with an exclusive invite link and promo code!
Exclusive Credits: $10 (Exp. Dec 31, 2010)
Click Here to JOIN

Peace and Blessings...

November 29, 2010

Conditioning for Less Breakage?

I had plans at the start of the fall to put in my signature protective style - tiny box braids, and wear them for a month or two, but I haven't done so as of yet. I usually put the braids in to keep me from 'messing' in my hair often and to retain length.

But over the past few months I have noticed way less hair breakage and I have been retaining length, all without wearing a protective style for weeks at a time. I've been wearing styles for 1 to 2 weeks at a time, mainly medium sized twists in a bun or ponytail, but I've also been wearing twist-outs for just as long - from 1 to 2 weeks.

I now consider twist-outs, braid-outs, coil-outs etc... as protective styles as well since they require little to no manipulation just as with updos, twists, braids, etc... Also while wearing these 'loose' protective styles, I'm still able to seal and protect my ends.

I think the main reason for the less breakage and length retention is conditioning. In between styling my twists/twist-outs I've been conditioning like crazy, which is the only thing I have changed in my routine. And after taking down a style I pre-poo (before I would do this once in a while, lately I've been doing it every time before I wash).

I wash my hair about twice a month. Sometimes I wear twists for two weeks and will wear a twist-out for a week or so right after. Before unraveling the twist for the twist out - I will rinse (with apple-cider vinegar and water) then add a leave-in conditioner the night before, and unravel when my hair is dry in the morning.

Pre-poo Routine

I detangle with my hands first, then spritz my hair with water (you can also use a water/conditioner mix to give your hair more slip). Then I use a wide tooth comb - separate my hair in sections and put in about 6 to 8 loose braids.

Sometimes before braiding, I massage my scalp with oil and work it through to the ends. Other times, I detangle, section, braid and then add the oil after braiding. I've used everything from simple olive, castor and coconut oil to store/Internet bought blended oils. After the the oil, I cover my head with a plastic cap from anywhere between 20 mins to overnight.

Wash/Conditioning Rinse

I also wash my hair with the braids in. After washing, I do an initial quick rinse, then use a cheap conditioner (a tip I took from Teri of like Suave as a final rinse. I just pour a handful of conditioner in my hands smooth it over my hair and rinse. I also do this with the braids still in.

After Wash/Conditioning

After my wash/conditioner rinse, as a leave-in I add a little more of the cheap conditioner mixed with a little oil (olive, coconut, castor etc..) to my still dripping wet hair - and saturate each braided section from roots to ends - really concentrating on the ends.

Once a Month Deep Conditioning

Once a month I deep condition with henna. I use CurlyNikki's routine along with her henna mix of green tea and honey, I add a tablespoon of grapeseed oil. I keep the henna mix on for 4 to 5 hours (Curly Nikki keeps hers in overnight and I've also done that a couple of times). Rinse - making my final rinse with conditioner (I actually end up doing a conditioner wash because it takes a while to get all of the henna out).

After the henna treatment (per Curly Nikki's instructions) I do a deep conditioner. I keep the conditioner in for about 2 hours, covered with a plastic cap. Many people have said that henna makes their hair feel like hay or straw but I think doing the deep conditioner right after prevents this from happening.

Just with my braid first then wash routine, doing the extra conditioning is also time consuming, but the results are great.

Check out the following video which summarizes my conditioning routines.

Peace and Blessings...

October 24, 2010

Listen in to Live Interview with Marcia Hamilton

Catch the LIVE interview with "Whip My Hair' celebrity hairstylist Marcia Hamilton on Tuesday, October 26th.

Marcia Hamilton - is the creative stylist behind the styles featured in Willow Smith's 'Whip My Hair' Video. The interview will be aired on livestream at 8 PM PST/ 11 PM EST.

Aside working with the Smith family, Marcia Hamilton has also styled John Legend, as well as Serena and Venus Williams and her work has been featured in InStyle, Essence and ESPN Magazine as well.

She will be interviewed by Regina Kimbell - the creator of the documentary "My Nappy Roots". Check out the links below for more information.

Marcia Hamilton - Website

Marcia Hamilton - Twitter

My Nappy Roots - Website

October 12, 2010

Shampoo Bar and Hair Tea Giveaway!!!!!

Natural Nina is having a 'Follow Me' Giveaway and the winner will receive a full-size Bobeam Rootz Shampoo Bar and Hair Tea :o)

The rules are simple:

First, you must be following both All Naptural or Natural Nina via Google Friend Connect or one of the social network sites listed below.

Next, leave a brief message in the comments section on Natural Nina's post announcing the giveaway, stating which of the social networks you are following us on.

* Twitter followers please include your twitter name in your reply.*

List of social network sites for All Naptural/Laquita and Natural Nina:

NetworkedBlogs - Natural Nina and All Naptural

The winner will be picked on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 , and will be notified by email! For more information on The Rootz Herbal Hair Grower Shampoo Bar and Hair Teas check out my Bobeam Natural Hair Products Etsy Shop and check out Natural Nina's Review.

Peace and Blessings

October 11, 2010

A Short Story for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This is a little late, but the following is a short story I wrote some time ago for breast cancer month. Note: This has nothing to do with natural hair - but I wanted to share and to remind everyone to click on the link under Breast Cancer Awareness to provide free mammograms.

I will be back with more hair updates soon ;o)

The Big News

May looked up at the clock which read 6:30. She let out a deep breath and continued setting the table. Jerrod, her husband would be home soon. She couldn't believe she had actually finished all of the dinner preparations in time and she was tired - physically and mentally exhausted.

After turning down the oven and putting the pots on simmer, she went into the bedroom to freshen up. Sitting at her vanity and examining the image that looked back at her - it seemed as though she was looking at a stranger and not at her own reflection.

"I am not going to cry again," May said aloud. As she dabbed on a little eye cream and gloss, she began to reflect on her day. Dr. Jones called her ten minutes after she had left work and asked if she could stop by the office. She remembered how excited she was as she made the U-turn and headed in that direction. May and Jerrod had been trying to have a child for almost a year and she was anxiously waiting to hear the confirmation from Dr. Jones.

Before stepping in the building she quickly dialed Jerrod's office to let him know that Dr. Jones had finally returned their call and that she was on the way in to hear the news. Apparently, he was in a meeting so she decided not to leave a message.

She figured that she would surprise him with the news, along with a big celebration dinner when he arrived from work. A single tear dropped from May's eye. "Nope, not again," she said as she quickly wiped it away and attempted a half-hearted smile.

Moments later she heard the garage door opening. Jerrod was home. It was time to announce the 'big news'. . .

Jerrod was about to open the door to the refrigerator to put the cream away when the date on the calendar caught his eye. It was one year ago that May had announced the 'big news' that had changed their lives forever. Not only were they going to have a baby, but the 'just-to-be-sure' biopsy result was positive - May had breast cancer.

The tugging on Jerrod's leg woke him from his reminiscing. "Ut oh!" came the sound from his 10-month-old baby girl. He looked down at the tiny replica of May and noticed that she was pointing to a small puddle of cream that he must have spilled as he was staring at the calendar.

"We better get this cleaned up," he said as he put the cream in the refrigerator and scooped Maya off the floor.

After cleaning up the mess he had made, he carried Maya into the living room and sat down. He asked, "Maya, how would you like to hear a story?" Maya hearing the word 'story' climbed down off the sofa and pulled a book from the stack on the living room table. As she handed the book to her father, he smiled and said, "No, this story is not in any one of your books, but it does have a happy ending. It's about a brave king and queen, and their little princess miracle. It's a story of survival."

Just then he heard the garage door opening - May was home.

August 27, 2010

Kiddie Relaxer Video

Hey Everyone :o)

I have been super busy this month trying to race against writing deadlines. But thankfully, I am almost done :o)

A few months ago I wrote an article for Afro Glitz Magazine called Behind the Scenes of the No-Lye Kiddie Relaxer. And I posted this video along with the article.

Since then, the video was put on World Star Hip and written about on one of my favorite websites Black Girl With Long Hair. I also spotted it on a few Facebook profile pages as well. I really don't mind the video being shared since it will get the word out about how harsh the chemicals in 'kiddie' relaxers really are, but some of the comments, especially the ones on WSHH were sadder than the video.

People were stating things like maybe the girl in the video (one of my young clients) didn't go to a 'professional' to get her relaxer put it, maybe it was put it wrong, maybe she went swimming in chlorine right after it was done etc... not really thinking that just maybe the actual chemicals in the relaxer caused the damage to her hair - in essence, blaming everything and everyone but the relaxer itself.

Anyway, I decided to re-post the video here. I'm working on an update to the video as well - thankfully, her hair is growing back nicely and so far her and her mom have sworn off using chemicals on her hair ever again.

Let me know what you think... and by the way her Mom actually consulted a few 'professionals' before choosing one of these so-called 'professionals' to put the relaxer in. (Excuse the missing words - I don't know why they got cut off)

Peace and Blessings...

August 02, 2010

Part 2 Entwine Couture Products

Hey everyone - thanks to all for participating in the giveaway :o) The winner will be announced shortly :o)

I have been going crazy testing products and I did my first henna treatment! I plan on making another product review video this weekend and posting it. In the meanwhile, check out my Part 2 picture video of styles I did with Entwine Couture Products.

Peace and Blessings...

July 27, 2010

CURLS Products Added to the Giveaway!!!

Again a winner for the product giveaway I am doing in conjunction with N.E.W. Hair Net ends THIS WEEK - August 2, 2010!!!!!

Along with a sample set of my new Bobeam Remedy Shampoo Bars - all three - 1 Rootz; for growth, 1 Lemon Drop; oily hair/clarifying, and 1 Cheris Hibiscus for moisturizing - the winner will receive one of CURLS new products - before they are even released!!!!

CURLS launched a CURLS for Target line created specifically for budget conscious curlies. It's a similar 4 step system, similar healthy ingredients, similar delicious scents and at different price points! CURLS for Target has become was recently featured on popular TV station KGO out of the San Francisco/Bay Area. Watch that segment here.
Along with the other prizes, the winner will receive one of the following...

· Blissful Lengths Kukuinut Oil Elixir- This multitasking miracle product is loaded with natural oils, and growth enhancing extracts guaranteed to leave your tresses, and scalp euphoric!

· Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste- Smooth out and slick down unruly edges, tame frizzy, out of control curls, and add amazing sheen all in one step!

Click here to find other locations where you can purchase CURLS products. Target is adding 400 additional locations by the end of August to keep up with the demand! You can also purchase the products online.

Remember, in order to participate you must visit N.E.W. Hair Net, check out her posts and comment on as many as you like. Commenter names will be added to the drawing, so the more you comment the more chances you will have to win :o) The contest will run for one more week!!!!

Good Luck :o)

July 25, 2010

Win Shampoo Bars and More

A winner for the product giveaway I am doing in conjunction with N.E.W. Hair Net (you'll see my banner on the site :o) ends THIS WEEK!!!!!

The giveaway will not only be for a sample set of my new Bobeam Remedy Shampoo Bars - all three - 1 Rootz; for growth, 1 Lemon Drop; oily hair/clarifying, and 1 Cheris Hibiscus for moisturizing - but other surprises will be included as well.

The N.E.W. stands for naturals, extensions, and weaves - which are among the topics the author's blog posts cover. The blog's author, also writes articles for The Coil Review and is a natural hairstylist. Her blog which is a work-in-progress, with a forum, gallery and more to come, consists of informative blog posts, and videos.

Remember, in order to participate you must visit N.E.W. Hair Net, check out her posts and comment on as many as you like. Commenter names will be added to the drawing, so the more you comment the more chances you will have to win :o) The contest will run for one more week!!!!

Good Luck :o)

July 19, 2010

Product Review Video, New Hair Site and Giveaway

Over the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to try Entwine Couture natural hair products via Nappturalite Radio's Natural Ambassadors program. First off, if you haven't listened in on the Nappturalite Radio program yet, you are really missing out.

The Internet radio program via Blog Talk Radio airs on Sundays, 6 pm EST/5 pm CST and covers all topics regarding hair - all hair types - and consists of product giveaways, on-air question and answers, nutrition/health care professionals and celebrity guests and more. My products were featured on the show with Chrisette Michele, by the way :o)

During the show, there is also a live web chat where listeners can comment and discuss show topics and anything else under the sun, and they are encouraged to call in during the show as well.

Anyway, Nappturalite Radio has a Natural Hair Ambassadors program that members of the Nappturalite community can participate in and test and review products for free. As a member, I got a full set of the Entwine Couture hair products and they are great. You can stay updated on upcoming Nappturalite shows to have your opportunity to win products via their Facebook page as well.

Entwine Couture Beauty, LLC, is a minority and woman-owned manufacturer, distributor and marketer of premier hair, skin and body care products, it’s creator, Dr. Adrienne Carthon, is a natural hair stylist and professor of Women’s Studies & African-American Literature.

Entwine products and their uses:

The Manipulator" Crème Jellé Styler- The Ultimate Natural Hair Style-, A flexible, re-definable styling crème-gel used to create long-lasting natural styles with no heavy build-up, flaking or hardness. Use to flat twist, two-strand twist, braid, wash-n-go, fingerstyle, flat iron or quick-sets. * This one is my favorite - wait until you see my twists and twist-out that lasted forever - even in the smoldering heat during the 4th of July weekend and weeks after :o)

"Indulgently Luxe" Exotique Butter Crème Hydrator- a daily moisturizing and conditioning crème featuring a custom Balsamic Butter-Oyl Blend™ of natural butters and oils with luxurious conditioner that hydrates and softens the driest natural hair. Can also be applied prior to blow-drying hair to protect and moisturize or use to soften and moisturize all natural hair textures, twist outs, braid styles.

"On the Edge" Crème De La Mold- A powerful holding and molding mud featuring Micro-Fibrous Holding Technology that provides long-lasting smoothing, molding and holding power with no flaking, tackiness or excessive buildup on natural, transitioning and loc’ed hair. Use to hold edges, smooth the nape of the neck or to mold the hair. Also use for loc formation and maintenance.

"Total Perfection" Moroccan Argan Oil- 100% Raw and Vegan, this rare, organically grown oil provides ultra-hydration, true protection and sensual shine to the hair, skin and nails. * I had been anxiously awaiting to try Argan Oil which contains Vitamin E and fatty acids - it is very light and absorbs fast - I used it as a pre-poo and added a little to conditioner as a leave-in.

For ingredients check out the Entwine Couture site - and click on each product.

Product Highlights

I liked that fact that I could use all of the products together - the Manipulator, Hydrator, and Oil - on wet and dry hair without stickiness or build-up. As you will see, I used the Creme De La Mold to 'slick' down my hair/edges for a puff and it had wonderful hold - all day (and I wear a headset at work) without the stickiness or hardening of a gel. Also, for those who don't like heavy perfume/fruity smells - Entwine products don't have either.

The price range for each product is from 14.99 to 19.99, but a little goes a long way (Really - all you need is a dab - I was able to do my hair three times and my step-daughter's twice so far and still have lots of the Manipulator left.

New Hair Site - N.E.W Hair Net

Before I get to the video (actually Part 1 - I will post the next one shortly, which shows my 2nd week twist-out results as well as my step-daughter's styles using the products) I would like to tell you about the NEW Hair Net site/giveaway.

The N.E.W. stands for naturals, extensions, and weaves - which are among the topics the author's blog posts cover. The blog's author, also writes articles for The Coil Review and is a natural hairstylist. Her blog which is a work-in-progress, with a forum, gallery and more to come, consists of informative blog posts, and videos.

Now here is where the giveaway comes in. I am doing a giveaway in conjunction with N.E.W. Hair Net (you'll see my banner on the site :o) The giveaway will be for a sample set of my new Bobeam Remedy Shampoo Bars - 1 Rootz; for growth, 1 Lemon Drop; oily hair/clarifying, and 1 Cheris Hibiscus for moisturizing.

In order to participate you must visit N.E.W. Hair Net, check out her posts and comment on as many as you like. Commenter names will be added to the drawing, so the more you comment the more chances you will have to win :o) The contest will run for one week.

Peace and Blessings

Entwine Product Review Video

July 05, 2010

Contest Winner, Sampler Village, Upcoming Product Review

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 'Coming Where I'm From' EAOC contest!!!!

The winner of the Bobeam Remedy Line Sample Set is Lavender!!!! (Please email me your info at

Speaking of Etsy - I have also joined the Sampler Village family along with other Etsy artisans. As the Sampler Village site proclaims it's the "Home of the Samplicious Sampler Box". Sampler Village 'Villagers' combine samples of their homemade goodies, which consist of everything from candies, bath, body and beauty items to magnets, buttons, jewelry custom made invitations and more - all in one box. The boxes also contain discount coupons from the various participating shops.

The sample boxes are then sold through Sampler Village - (the site's creator also adds extras to the boxes, as well as decorates each box with specific themes) and they are a great way to 'sample' items from various Etsy shops all at once.

Bobeam Natural Shampoo Bars will be added to the next Sampler Village box going on sale July 21st :o)

Check out the Sampler Village July Box I bought for under $20 (shipping included).

The July 4th themed box beautifully decorated...

I tried to get one picture of all the contents - next time I'll take more than one pic.
To get one of the upcoming sampler boxes or to become a villager go to the Sampler Village Site here. Also join the Sampler Village Facebook page here - for up-to-date info and member discount opportunities.
My next post will be a product review/picutre video of Entwine natural products. In the meanwhile, check out their site for a peek at their products here.
Peace and Blessings...

June 21, 2010

Coming From Where I'm From - EAOC Collective Blogging Event/Giveaway

EAOC is a global collective of minority artisans who sell on, the leading online marketplace for buying and selling unique arts and crafts and, of course, you know I have a store on Etsy - lol

Anyway, today's post is in connection with the EAOC blogging event titled 'Coming Where I'm From' ...

Coming where I'm from - which was a household filled with one of the most entrepreneurial- minded people I know - my mother. She has been in every type of own-your-own-business venture there is - just to name a few -- Mary Kay, Amway, Avon, Scriptures - vitamins and lotion, Melaleuca, Pampered Chef, Herbal Life, YTB, Isagenix, Internet cell phone sales, Acia Berry Monavie, her very own business Elite Administrative Services and now her latest, My Organic Acres and -and believe me there's plenty more - lol

Coming where I'm from - watching my mother work her charismatic magic with each of these businesses, and even reaching high sales with most, must have planted seeds in my brother and I who wore 'Loose Weight Now Ask Me How' buttons to school and passed out various business fliers to our friends on the regular - lol

Coming where I'm from - being surrounded by all types of products and observing my mother's 'one women show' and hearing her repeatedly say "Be your own boss" inevitably led me to start my own business ventures - currently, along with selling my own natural hair products - no doubt with the encouragement from my mother, I am also trying to break into the freelance writing business.

Coming where I'm from - Washington, DC the melting pot of all ethnicities reminds me of the EAOC culture due to the wonderful variety of products made by people from all over the globe. It's wonderful that these products can be found in one place - So if you haven't checked it out before, be sure to do so. I'm sure you will find some one-of-a-kind treasures :o)

Again, coming where I'm from - going back to my mother's business ventures she would always have something extra - a giveaway of sorts for all her clients and potential clients. Following in her footsteps - for all those who have taken the time to read this post, I am doing another giveaway!!!!!

Simply check out the other EAOC artists listed below - then come back and comment on something you like in their shop or site. As usual, I will randomly pick a name from the comments and the winner will receive a sample -size set of my new Remedy Line from Bobeam Natural Hair Products, which will include a shampoo bar, conditioner and hair tea.

Other EAOC Coming Where I'm From Bloggers


Calabash Creations

Painter Girl World

That Crochet Guy

Aku's Ear Ornaments

Wondering Moon

Entering 35th of May

Paris Bohemian Soul

Sydney Austin Designs

Pots and Dishes

Also be sure to check out EAOC on Facebook

Peace and Blessings...

June 13, 2010

Two-strand twists/Twist-out styles and Product Review

Hello everyone :o)

After I took down my finger coils (I didn't wear them in a coil-out by the way - but I will try it the next time I put them in), I put my hair in two-strand twists. I washed with one of my homemade shampoo bars - check them out here.

I conditioned with Darcy's Botanicals Deep Conditioner Mask which is wonderful by the way. It left my hair super soft and easy to detangle. I left the mask on for about 30 mins, then rinsed with warm and finished with cool water. I added about a quarter-size more mixed with oil as a leave-in as well.

Before twisting, I used Darcy Botanical's Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme.

The Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme is also wonderful - to me it smells like cake batter - but it's not an over-powering smell. A little goes a long way too. I just used a dab on each section before twisting. And it made my twist very shinny and soft as well.
Now I was sooo tempted to wear my same old twist bun and ponytail for two weeks before unraveling, but this time I forced myself to try some different styles. Check them out in the video below.

Peace and Blessings...

May 23, 2010

Finger Coils

I decided to try a style I have been drooling over forever - finger coils. I saw so many pics of naturals wearing them in blogs and albums and always said I would give them a try one day and finally did them myself.

I decided to use KCurly's (of Newly Natural) technique - check out her tutorial here. I love the way hers turn out. Instead of using gel I decided to use Curls Nurture Cream from Boutique de Fleurzty. I did them on freshly washed hair (I actually did an avocado/coconut milk deep condition as well - pics coming soon). After I washed my hair I added the Curls Nurture Creme and a little Hydrating Hair Butter.

I started from the back and worked my way up using KCurly's finger coil technique. As I got to the middle of my head, my hair began to dry and I just re-wet and added a dab of the Nurture Cream to each section. It took about 4 hours to complete - and KCurly is right about one thing you need lots of patience because I had to do several over because I was getting tired and starting doing them all types of sizes and ended up having to redo some.
Check out my results...

Looks a little flat to me - but I'm sure they will plump-up overtime. KCurly rinses hers and separates for a coil-out and I may try that as well.
Side view...

Back - I like that there aren't too many spaces.
The combo of using the Curls Nurture Cream and Hydrating Hair Butter worked so well, when my hair dried it stayed really shiny, soft and movable not at all hard or sticky :o)
Well, that's it for now. I will return with more product reviews and pics.
Peace and Blessings...

May 16, 2010

Hair Pics and Product Reviews Coming Soon

I have been super -busy at work, but things should be slowing down soon and I'll be back to posting more often. My hair has been pretty much the same since my last post. I'm still taking my hair vitamins. I've been wearing two-strand twists. I did break out of my same-old ponytail though - lol. I did a few updos and just unraveled for a twist-out. I will post pics soon.

I also tried out some new products and I have been looking for some new natural hair t-shirts. My favorite of the new products so far are Darcy Botanical's Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme and Peace Love and Sunshine's Cutie Juice. I will also post reviews on both as well.

My latest new Tee comes from Lady Kinnks of Kinnks Online Directory. I got the distressed Tee which is super comfortable. I got it in black but it comes in various other colors as well.

Check it out :o)

You can see a preview of my twist updo in the pics.
More pics and reviews coming soon....
Peace and Blessings

April 18, 2010

Contest Winner, Pics and Nail Update

Okay the Winner of the Boutique De Fleurzty's Hydrating Hair Butter and Curls Nurture Creme (by selection) is Loclove.

Congrats LocLove!!

Now for my nail update - well one of them broke - the night I was going to polish them too - so I just cut them all down low :o( I'll let them grow out again - still taking the hair vitamins too - and I'll update again.

Pic of broken nail.

Below I made a picture video of me using Boutique de Fleurzty's products on my box braids (and my step-daughter's). I also used the Curls Nurture Creme to achieve curly braids as well. Enjoy :o)

Peace and Blessings...

April 05, 2010

Product Review and Giveaway!

Okay time for another Giveaway :o) Not too long ago I had the opportunity to meet and have lunch with a fellow natural hair blogger - Fleurzty of Textured Playground (which is one of my favorite blogs by the way :o). I was so excited to get to meet her and see her beautiful hair live and in-person so much so that I forgot to bring my camera along - but not to worry Fleurzty was fully prepared - check out our picture taken by The Cheesecake Factory waiter.

Again - me sporting my lazy hairstyle - pulled back bun and my Thank God I'm Natural Tee - I'm really going to have to collect some more natural hair t-shirts - lol. Also, I'm sure you'll recognize my step daughter in the picture - when she heard 'Cheesecake Factory' she was more than eager to tag along.

Not only did we have a wonderful time - talking about all things natural hair and a wonderful lunch including cheesecake of course, Fleurzty shared some of her new products with me from her Boutique De Fleurzty . Being the recovering product junkie that I am - and one who loves products that actually do what they say they'll do and tend to share them - I've emptied one, reordered more and purchased the rest of her line.

All of the Boutique De Fleurzty products are made with natural ingredients. My personal favorite is the Hair and Scalp Serum. I like the fact that is comes with a dropper and can be easily distributed on your scalp. It is made with jojoba oil, castor oil, essential oils of peppermint, ylang ylang, rosemary, lemon, patchouli, frankincense and tangerine.

I've used it on one of my little clients who has suffered severe hair breakage due to 'kiddie perms' and her hair is growing back wonderfully. I've also used it to massage a few spots in the mid-back of my own hair that tends to break-off at a certain point and always felt 'rough' no matter how much moisture I would put on it and after using the Hair and Scalp Serum for less than a week - the hair in those spots started to feel smooth and softer.

Boutique De Fleurzty's Nurturing Treatment Oil made with sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, essential oils of lavender and jasmine, reminds me of those Hot Six Oils - you can use it for everything - hot oil treatments, pre-poo, mixing with conditioner, scalp massages etc... I've used it on twists, braids, and loose hair to seal in moisture, and added it to my leave-in conditioner. And just like her product descriptions say a little really goes a long way.


Okay before I go on and on about the other products, let me get to the giveaway. Of course, I have to give the back story (which will make this post even longer - lol) But anyway, at our lunch meeting, Fleurzty and I talked about doing a dual product giveaway - my shampoo bars and her moisturizing products. Due to the fact that she does an excellent job of keeping her blog current and up-to-date she posted her giveaway a few days after our meeting - see her post here - and just about a month later I'm posting mine :o)

But it's coming right on time since I got to try and even re-order more of her products and come up with a theme for the giveaway. The 'theme' is in conjunction with a new article I wrote for Clutch published today (check out my timeliness) called Get Your Hair Ready For Summer (check out my aheadoftimeness summer is not even here yet - lol). Within the article I list a few tips on getting your hair ready for the summer elements, wind, heat, sand, swimming, and sweat.

One of the main tips is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize - and that's how the giveaway comes into play :o) Along with my summer hair tips, I would like to know what summer hair tips/advice you have to protect your hair from the summer elements. Just share your tip(s) here and the winner will be chosen from the comments - that's it.

The winner will receive two great moisturizing products from Fleurzty's - Boutique De Fleurzty line Hydrating Hair Butter and Curls Nurture Creme.

Hydrating Hair Butter (HHB)

I love the smooth texture and smell of the Hydrating Butter - Again a little goes a long way but most times I am heavy-handed with products and even when I pile this on along with the oil my hair soaks it up and doesn't feel greasy at all, which is another thing I like about the products you can use them in conjunction with one another without that heavy build-up feel, and I like that you can use the butter on wet hair.

I've tried lots of butters on freshly washed hair and they did not mix well with water - this one does. The Hydrating Hair Butter comes in Lemon/Ylang Ylang and Lavender/Jasmine.

Lemon/Ylang Ylang Ingredients: Coconut oil, mango butter, kokum butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, lemon and ylang ylang essential oils.
Lavender/Jasmine Ingredients: Coconut oil, mango butter, kokum butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, lavender and jasmine essential oils.

Curls Nurture Creme (CNC)

When I saw Fleurzty's video tutorial on how she uses HHB and the CNC I had to get this cream. In her tutorial you can see the dramatic difference both products have on her hair - less frizz, moisture and shine. Now of course, my hair texture is not the same as Fleurzty's so the curls she achieved were soft waves in my hair in some places and just over all easy to detangle, well moisturized hair in others.

And her site instructions clearly state - It brings out your natural curl definition while moisturizing your hair and is not a curl definer product, and will not create curl that does not exist in your hair. So, like I said I achieved overall moisture, softness and shine. I've used this on puffs and twists and even braids with great results. I plan on using both products for a twist-out in the coming months and I will post pictures as well.

The Curls Nurture Creme is made with water, aloe vera juice, shea butter, avocado butter, coconut oil, horsetail extract, emulsifying wax, palm stearic acid, nettle extract, neem extract, fragrance, tinosan, potassium sorbate.

Be sure to check out Fleurzty's site Textured Playground if you do not already follow and check out her Boutique De Fleurzty products and reviews. She is also doing a giveaway for a set of Curlformers - be sure to enter:o)

Don't forget to leave your Summer Hair Tips to enter in the Giveaway - one of the Clutch readers did not like my suggestion of wigs/weaves for protective styles what do you think? Also check out the more info links where I listed links from The Natural Hair Haven, Newly Natural and Chocolate Orchid for more summer hair tips.

Peace and Blessings

March 28, 2010

Hair Expo Pics and Hair Tie Giveaway Winners

Last weekend I attended the Baltimore Hair Expo. It was wonderful - there were tons of vendors, music performances, classes, natural hairstyles to drool over and more. Below I created a picture video of some of the things I saw.

And look who I ran into at the expo... Sarah - creator of Sarenzo Beads :o) I was yelling her name and snapping pictures - and she was trying to act shy - lol
She took a quick break to take a picture with me - her accessories were super popular :o)

Check me out sporting my Thank God I'm Natural Tee - you really can't see my puff in this picture though ;o)

Anyway, speaking of Sarah of Sarenzo Beads I also want to announce the winner (s) of my Sarenzo Beads Hair Tie Giveaway. I know I did the contest a while ago, but I have been working on a surprise for alternate winners - which prolonged my winner announcement. Anyway, the grand-prize winner is Shell :o) Check out Shell's inspirational blog Swanofdreamers.

Congrats again, Shell :o)

Now the alternate winners that will receive a 'surprise' prize are as follows:
Chocolate Orchid
Sharon Keyser
Naturally Shophia

Congratulations to the alternate winners as well - and if you haven't received an email from me please send me your address so I can mail out your prize (send to :o)

Enjoy the picture video - and as always excuse my typos - lol
Peace and Blessings...

March 18, 2010

Lots of Pics -nails, twist-out, locs and puff :o)

I finally took down my twist-out - it was about 3 weeks old. I loved how it looked but it was so itchy :o)

This is how it looked before I detangled and washed. Throughout the weeks, I re-did a few in the back that looked super frizzy.
This is my current style...
I have been wearing my hair in a bun for the past few weeks - I wear it out on Friday. Yep I was taking pictures in the restroom at work again - lol

I tried to get the back.

Other side with my giant heart clip I bought at the dollar store. My puff was a little flat - guess I must have leaned it against my chair at work :o)

My step-daughter's twist-out

She wore it like this for a little over a week.

Having the cornrows in the front helped it stay looking neat - since she is so rough on her hair, but it had tons of lint on the ends - again, I don't know where or how she picks up so much lint.

Other side...

My brother tracked me down - to tighten his locs. I used the latch method to tighten the roots and use Organic Root Stimulator Loc and Twist Gel to smooth the loose hairs. I tried to get a before picture but it turned out kind of dark...

It was super frizzy and you couldn't see any of the parts at all. Here's a picture of a section I tightened - with parts now showing...

Next time I will take some better before pictures. Here's a better one I took in the bathroom when I was done. He even had his own clips :o)

Nail pictures...
I decided to 'really' start taking hair vitamins (I've been saying I was going to do so, but kept forgetting - lol). I started taking them at the beginning of February. I ordered them from Vitamin World . I got some that were vegetarian (check them out here) and a two month supply, and plan on ordering more since I'm about to run out. So far I really can't tell if they are having an effect on my hair, but I have noticed a change in my nails...

They usually grow long, but after about 2 or 3 weeks, they start to get tears on the sides closest to the palm of my fingers, and I have to constantly file them to keep them from snagging on stuff - especially my hair. Then after all the filing one breaks and when one breaks I cut them all down. But since I've been taking the vitamins I noticed that they are much stronger.

Only one or two had to be filed on the side, but just a little. And I have been clumsily hitting them against things, like my desk drawer at work or reaching down in my purse and bending one against a book or something and none have broken. They've been going strong for two months and I've never kept them this long without breaking, so I'm certain it's the vitamins. So, if they are working for my nails they must be doing 'something' to my hair.
I don't want them to get any longer than this though, sometimes I get a strange sensation when they scratch against stuff too, which is creepy. I think I am going to cut them, but before I do I will polish them - usually when I polish my nails they always get those side tears, so I wonder if that will happen (I will post pictures of my polished nails). Again, I plan to keep taking the vitamins and will update on whether I notice any changes in my hair.

Peace and Blessings...

February 28, 2010

Afro Glitz First Annual Web Awards

One of my favorite online magazines/hair community Afro Glitz is hosting its First Annual Web Awards.

Afro Glitz felt that it was necessary to honor those who advocate the beauty of natural hair and self-love, by creating the Afro Glitz Web Awards. You can nominate your site and/or your favorite sites within several categories.

Categories include, Best Author Site; Best All-Around Beauty Blog; Best Forum; Best Hair Blog; Best V-Log for Loose Hair; Best V-Log for Locs; Best Haircare Products Site; Best Haircare Accessories Site; Best Performing Artist Site; Best Visual Artist Site; Best Website Design; and, Most Influential Site. You can also suggest your own category as well. Find detailed information on each category here.

Sponsors are welcome as well.

The nomination period ends on March 25th, 12pm EST time. The nominees will be announced on June 25th, as well as the start of the voting period. The voting period ends on August 25th at 12pm EST time, and the winners will be announced on October 25th.

So, head over to Afro Glitz to nominate your favorites.

Peace and Blessings...

February 21, 2010

Twist-Out Pictures

I took down both my and my step-daughter's twists. I actually co-washed mine in preparation for a twist-out. I took hers out because, although they did last for about two weeks she was driving me crazy with all of her scratching saying it was itching - so I wanted to wash and re-do hers.

After unraveling her twists, she said she wanted to wear them out in a twist-out. It actually looked pretty good after I picked out tons of lint, but I knew it wouldn't last a week without getting matted and filled with lint again (I don't how she manages to pick up so much lint) and she was still scratching. I did let her wear it 'out' for a day though ;o)

Side of her 'one day' twist-out

Since it was two-strand twisted all over it hung in her face, so I pulled it back and added a headband (I had the headband pulled back, further but for some reason she felt it looked better right at her hairline :o) Her hair was so nice and shiny and bouncy - she didn't have any dry scalp so I don't know why she was scratching all the time?? :o(

Back of her twist-out.

I decided to detangle each twist by hand - to get ready to re-wash.

Detangled twist-out. I though this was a cute style, so we did another photo shoot before I washed it.

Closer shot with another one of my headbands.

The finished result.... I decided to put cornrows in the front with the ends in two-strand twists, then two-strand twists in the back. This way she could wear a twist-out the next week and it would still look pretty tame with all of her running around and stuff and she wouldn't need to use of any of my headbands - lol :o)

Damp twists - you can see a little of the leave-in conditioner/pomade mix (the white spots).

Dry cornrows/twists

This was taken the next day - not much more shrinkage from the night before.

Showing the amount of overall shrinkage.

I co-washed my twists then let them air dry... I got carried away massaging the top - which resulted in lots of fuzziness.

Showing shrinkage - some of the ones in the back and the very top/front unraveled so I re-twisted.

The next morning - I added some more oil and unraveled. I actually left in the row in the back.

The night before I unraveled, while they were still damp I added some oil then covered with a satin scarf, which helped with the frizziness.

I plan to wear it like this for a week or two.
Also I haven't forgotten about my 'giveaway announcement' and will be back with updates soon. So stay tuned.
Peace and Blessings

January 31, 2010

New Twists - Giveaway News :o)

I have been sooooo busy working I haven't had time to update in a while. But I haven't forgotten about the hair tie giveaway winner announcement. I am working on a 'surprise' to go along with the giveaway announcement - I have decided to pick more than one winner since everyone who participated has been so patient :o) So stay tuned for my 'surprise'/giveaway winner announcement!
In the meanwhile, I have taken down my box braids - wore them for an entire month - and I have put in two-strand twists in preparation for a twist-out (I had to sneak one more in before wearing another month long protective style ;o).
Check out my twists...

I attempted to put them in a different style other than my signature plain old bun :o)

Other side. I will leave these in for about two weeks then unravel and wear the twist-out for about two weeks also.
I also put my step-daughter's hair in box braids, which she wore for a month as well - she was loving it because she 'hates' getting her hair done :o)
Check out the resulting braid-out bun.
I also put hers in two-strand twists as well.

Her hair is sooo thick - the twists are nice and fat and full :o) Prayerfully, this will last two-weeks - she's very 'rough' on hair styles.

Well, that's it for now. I will be back soon with my announcement and more hair updates.
Peace and Blessings...