December 18, 2014

All About Bobeam - Guest Blogger Post

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Check out my  guest blogger post on Better Beauty Options website. In the post I discuss how I started Bobeam Products and give advice to those looking to start their own business.

Better Beauty Options is an up and coming website packed with information on cosmetic/skin care products. In the words of  its creator, " My goal is not to constantly repeat the same links, but to share links that might not have been considered.

For example, wouldn't it surprise you if an ingredient in your makeup or nail polish had been banned by the CDC but yet it is still being created? Yes - that is why I am creating this website to reveal the unexpected and to expand your knowledge."

Below is a sneak peek of my guest post ...

" Just like a number of other ‘mixtresses’ I started making products for myself. My favorite natural hair community Nappturality has tons of posts on homemade products. After using recipes from the forum I branched off to experiment with my own ideas ...
I became fascinated with the idea of shampoo bars. I liked the idea that you could wash your hair and, if you wanted, your body as well with one product ..."

Click Here to check out the entire post.

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December 12, 2014

Be Bald and Beautiful (Still) by

Hey everyone :) The following piece was submitted by Check out their very informative on solutions for those who want to cover their heads after suffering from hair loss.

Be Bald and Beautiful (Still)

We have heard about it so many times and yet, hair loss (technically called alopecia) continues to be a drastic adjustment that people, especially those battling cancer, can’t seem to totally prepare themselves for.

Doctors say the best way to deal with hair loss is to plan ahead; losing hair during chemo therapy is bound to happen to most people, so even before you start getting treatment, you should start thinking about how you would want to deal with the impending change in your appearance.

Do I want a wig, scarf or turban? Will I be comfortable wearing it? Should I get hair regrowth treatments after I have completed my chemotherapy sessions?  

These are the questions you should ask yourself before deciding which one of these options suits your needs best.  

Hair loss is a personal issue so it is very important that you think through how you plan to deal with it.

There are many options available ...

1. Save whats left

Cancer patients usually start shedding hair about one to three weeks after chemotherapy.  The hair loss is gradual -some see a few strands falling off, some find clumps of hair.  During this stage, you might want to preserve whatever hair is left on your head by using a mild shampoo then patting -not aggressive rubbing -your hair dry after you shower. 

Also, avoid using hair products -clips, gels and the like -that could damage your hair further. Should you wish to use one, make sure to consult your doctor first.

2. Chop it off

There are cancer patients who choose to cut their hair even before they start getting treatment.  But remember, this option may not be for everyone.  Consider doing this only when you have decided that youd rather deal with the hair loss this way than seeing your hair gradually fall off everywhere.

3. Get it covered

How would you want to cover your head? 

By the time you have started to shed hair or have gone totally bald, you should already have a plan in mind of how you want to cover your head.

Cap or hat

The thing with caps or hats is that they may not be appropriate to wear at all times.  

But when you find the perfect occasion to wear one, be sure to put on the best one you have got.  After all, this is your new crowning glory, or at least until you grow your tresses back.


Now that you have gone bald but dont want to go around with your head uncovered, how about getting yourself a scarf?  They come in several colors and are made of different materials.  For everyday use, make sure to get scarves that are made of light and thin fabric like linen, jersey, rayon or cotton. 

For dressier occasions, put on a silk or satin scarf.  Unlike those that are made of lighter materials, scarves made of silk or satin may be more difficult to tie but are guaranteed to make you look more chic and elegant.


So youre getting yourself a wig. If you have decided that this is how youd want to cover your head – Go For It!  Youll be amazed at the many ways by which you could experiment with your look by trying on different wigs.  

But if you choose to wear wigs and want to keep your original look before your hair loss, always remember to choose one thats about the same color and texture as your hair.  That way, the change wont be as noticeable.

When you have decided to wear a wig, which isnt as simple as choosing the style and color, keep in mind the following:

· Before buying a wig, check with your doctor first to check to see if the purchase could be covered by your insurance provider.

· Buy more than one wig - one for everyday use and one for special occasions before starting treatment, and make sure to get wigs that can be adjusted.

Also consider the type of wig you want to use.  More people are drawn to using synthetic wigs as these need less care and styling than those made of human hair.  But if you are particular about wearing one thats closest to your hair type, consider getting wigs made of human hair.

One beautiful thing about wearing wigs made of human hair is that they can be styled and colored as often as you want.  You can also choose to make it short or long, brown or blonde, depending on your mood and/or on what your hairstylist suggests for your signature look.

Sassy6 offers a variety of interesting hair extensions, you can visit them here:

Hair loss due to cancer should not be as bad as it sounds.  As long as youre prepared for it, there are many options available for you so youd still be confident and beautiful, even when you have gone bald.