January 31, 2010

New Twists - Giveaway News :o)

I have been sooooo busy working I haven't had time to update in a while. But I haven't forgotten about the hair tie giveaway winner announcement. I am working on a 'surprise' to go along with the giveaway announcement - I have decided to pick more than one winner since everyone who participated has been so patient :o) So stay tuned for my 'surprise'/giveaway winner announcement!
In the meanwhile, I have taken down my box braids - wore them for an entire month - and I have put in two-strand twists in preparation for a twist-out (I had to sneak one more in before wearing another month long protective style ;o).
Check out my twists...

I attempted to put them in a different style other than my signature plain old bun :o)

Other side. I will leave these in for about two weeks then unravel and wear the twist-out for about two weeks also.
I also put my step-daughter's hair in box braids, which she wore for a month as well - she was loving it because she 'hates' getting her hair done :o)
Check out the resulting braid-out bun.
I also put hers in two-strand twists as well.

Her hair is sooo thick - the twists are nice and fat and full :o) Prayerfully, this will last two-weeks - she's very 'rough' on hair styles.

Well, that's it for now. I will be back soon with my announcement and more hair updates.
Peace and Blessings...

1 comment:

Jc said...

The longest I have kept my twists in is about 5 days. I think much like your step daughter I play with them too much and then get bored.

I loveeeee the thickness of your step daughter's hair. That is luscious!