December 23, 2010

Hair Poetry - by Stacy M. Gilbert aka LuBella Coils

One of my favorite YouTube Channels - LuBella Coils, was created by Stacy M. Gilbert. Stacy a.k.a., LuBella Coils, is always uplifting and inspiring to those embarking on the natural hair journey. She is also an Author, registered Occupational Therapist and licensed Cosmetologist.

Her first book, "Black is Beautiful: A Guide To Loving Your God-given Hair" is composed of inspirational poetry and scriptures, as well as historical hair facts, and details of her personal natural hair journey. It’s a very quick read, but it’s packed with great information and quit wit - which had me laughing out loud on my train ride to work :o)

She writes about her "CROP" days - Chemically Relaxed or Pressed - and states that so much of her life was centered around her hair, that it dictated what she could or could not do. One of my favorite poems in the book is The Other Parent. It reminds me of my own "CROP" days.


The Other Parent

I will define to you what you can and cannot do.

I will need for you to wake up early, when the grass is wet with dew.

Before you leave the house, I need your undivided attention.

I have a few rules for you, so I need you to carefully listen.

No playing at the beach and no swimming in the pool.

I want you to look "pretty" for your recital after school.

Saturday we will spend some quality time, six hours just you and me.

Let’s try to start at ten, and hopefully we’ll be finished by three.

If Sunday’s forecast is muggy, misty, and raining all day,
we may have to skip church and just stay home and pray.

I am not trying to be harsh and seem as if I don’t care.

You know that I am one of your three parents, I am your hair.
*The highlighted words are like that in the book - I thought that was cool*
Peace and Blessings


Mary said...

This is so cute. Thanks for posting this. Take care! :)

Mary said...

This is so cute. Thanks for posting this. Take care! :)