January 20, 2009

New Braids Finally In

Actually my braids are two weeks old, but I just got the chance to post and add pictures. This time around I did notice a little more growth, but of course I kept the braids in for three months. I don't think I will attempt that again because they took forever to take down.

I also noticed that my ends felt dryer than last time. I really didn't take care of them though, so this time I'll be sure to moisturize them more in-between washes and after each wash.

Take a look at the new growth I had

I had to be extremely careful taking them out because they were very tangled - with old sheded hair- especially closer to my scalp. When I got tired and found myself rushing I stopped and continued the next day.

Braids out = Wild hair

But, there's always that one missed braid

My new larger box braids



Top Close-up

My ends felt a little crunchy so I dusted them after braiding

52 little curly ends (yep I counted them :o)

Of course, I only wore them down for a few hours then went right back to my typical bun - I don't know why I can't let go of that tired bun. I am really going to do two-stand twists for my next protective style. I plan on keeping these in for about one month.

Peace and Blessings

I decided to put in bigger box braids.

January 02, 2009

Nappy New Year! - Short Update

Okay I am really close to my 3-month date - wearing these box braids. My hair is super frizzy as well. It really doesn't look like braids at all unless you are up close :o) I'm still undecided on what I want to replace the braids though. I plan on taking them down sometime next weekend. So hopefully I will have made my decision by then.

Stay tuned...

Peace and Blessings