March 11, 2013

My Weekend of Hair Events, Curly Nikki, Pearls & Curls and Domestic Violence Fundraiser

Hey Everyone!

Wow I had such a super busy weekend - three natural hair events! And Bobeam Natural Products was among the sponsors/vendors at two of them.

The most unique of the three was Pearls & Curls Virtual Expo. It took place all online - so I didn't have to leave my house - and consisted of 3 days of engaging LIVE events - with informative chat rooms, giveaways and Virtual Gift Bags containing promo codes.

It was a great opportunity for everyone to interact with bloggers, product makers and other tranistioners, and naturals discussing hair and health topics.

It was so cool to chat with people, take notes on routines and products and of course take advantage of the giveaway codes as well :o)

Be sure to  visit the Pearls & Curls website (and follow them on Facebook and Twitter) to keep posted on their next events.

I also got the chance to hang out with Nikki Walton aka Curly Nikki (well and a few other curlfriends) in DC for her better than good hair book celebration sponsored by Shea Moisture. That event was was wonderful  - and did I mention FREE!!!
Curly Nikki is so super nice and although there were who knows how many other people there she interacted with everyone, making us all feel like we were her best buddies. (Her husband Gene is too funny and super nice as well). 
Celebrity stylist Diane Bailey was on hand for hair consultations (did I mention she KNOWS me - lol I was too psyched) and Shondell product manger of Shea Moisture (who is also super nice and funny)  provided info on Shea Moisture products as well.
Check out my video of the event below - ignore my hair I'm doing a self imposed 3 month box braid challenge and have one more month to go :)

I also attended the S.E.L.F. Image Awards (a foundation that is geared towards helping victims of domestic violence). The event was called Are You Tender Headed. It was a fundraising event that featured the documentary by Winona Addison called Are You Tender Headed, style and make-up technicques and a hair panel. 

Check out my video of the event  :o)

To Donate to the foundation click here  - Donate

Peace and Blessings ...