March 02, 2012

"Natural High" Natural Hair Inspiration Video

I came across this video on YouTube (gotta love YouTube :o) It was posted by Vlogger Stacy aka Coil Queen creator of MissENTF YouTube channel. Her channel is wonderful, by the way, so be sure to subscribe and check out her videos. Her (Noun) is the Devil video is hilarious.

The song in the video was written and performed by her boyfriend Caesar and it features several natural hair ladies from YouTube. Check out the video below :o)


Natural High Lyrics:

Verse 1-
Forgive me if I'm forward see
It's safe to say you're gorgeous/ If you noticed I was noticing
Hoping that you noticed me/ Heartbreak if I missed out
You sexy rockin' that twist out/ Who told you that was my favorite?
That natural hair I crave it/ Those braid outs be A list (but)
This more than/ "What your math is?"
Beauty is your name/ You're embodying what class is
Probably think I'm full of it/ Trust me I ain't new to this
You can be my drug/ I can show you what an addict is
Attracted to your passion/ Baby I can form a habit quick
I can see your gifted/ I get lifted by your confidence
I'm faded by your elegance
Way beyond the physical/ You can say I'm smitten though
Forgive my eyes baby/ Disrespect I mean none
I'm mesmerized/ Don't be surprised
That twist out/ Got me on one
I know a queen/ When I see one

You the bomb baby/ Beyond a ten
Nubian goddess/ That is African
I just want to let you know/ I think your natural hair is beautiful

Verse 2-

Beautiful/ I mean breathtaking
You're naturally a goddess/ We should celebrate it
Can I uplift/ What God already elevated?
Shall I digress or/ Can I confess?

Pardon me/ I'm just trying to let my heart speak
Your beauty's penetrating/ Way beyond that skin deep
You're skin's sweet/ But I love the way your mind thinks
I love the way your mouth speaks/ I love the way your heartbeats
So, if you're feeling what I'm asking
No lie(lye) we should relax then
Oh that made you laugh huh?
Sexy and sophisticated/ Sense of humor drives me crazy
We could talk for/ Hour after hour without hesitation
Getting faded off our conversation
This is heaven/ Though I haven't died
No artificial flavors/ You're my natural high

More info:

Download "Natural High on iTunes

Twitter: Caesar937

*For even more information - check out the info box under the video on MissENTF's YouTube Channel - be sure to comment.

Peace and Blessings...