February 21, 2010

Twist-Out Pictures

I took down both my and my step-daughter's twists. I actually co-washed mine in preparation for a twist-out. I took hers out because, although they did last for about two weeks she was driving me crazy with all of her scratching saying it was itching - so I wanted to wash and re-do hers.

After unraveling her twists, she said she wanted to wear them out in a twist-out. It actually looked pretty good after I picked out tons of lint, but I knew it wouldn't last a week without getting matted and filled with lint again (I don't how she manages to pick up so much lint) and she was still scratching. I did let her wear it 'out' for a day though ;o)

Side of her 'one day' twist-out

Since it was two-strand twisted all over it hung in her face, so I pulled it back and added a headband (I had the headband pulled back, further but for some reason she felt it looked better right at her hairline :o) Her hair was so nice and shiny and bouncy - she didn't have any dry scalp so I don't know why she was scratching all the time?? :o(

Back of her twist-out.

I decided to detangle each twist by hand - to get ready to re-wash.

Detangled twist-out. I though this was a cute style, so we did another photo shoot before I washed it.

Closer shot with another one of my headbands.

The finished result.... I decided to put cornrows in the front with the ends in two-strand twists, then two-strand twists in the back. This way she could wear a twist-out the next week and it would still look pretty tame with all of her running around and stuff and she wouldn't need to use of any of my headbands - lol :o)

Damp twists - you can see a little of the leave-in conditioner/pomade mix (the white spots).

Dry cornrows/twists

This was taken the next day - not much more shrinkage from the night before.

Showing the amount of overall shrinkage.

I co-washed my twists then let them air dry... I got carried away massaging the top - which resulted in lots of fuzziness.

Showing shrinkage - some of the ones in the back and the very top/front unraveled so I re-twisted.

The next morning - I added some more oil and unraveled. I actually left in the row in the back.

The night before I unraveled, while they were still damp I added some oil then covered with a satin scarf, which helped with the frizziness.

I plan to wear it like this for a week or two.
Also I haven't forgotten about my 'giveaway announcement' and will be back with updates soon. So stay tuned.
Peace and Blessings


Kinky Rhonnie said...

You daughter is so pretty Laquita. She has your smile.

Jc said...

I love the detangled look. I think letting the hair shrink is good :)

Tiffany said...

Nice twist out.

Bejai1962 said...

I feel you, my hair shrinks to half its length too. Baby girl is adorable and I love her hair.

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

lovin it! your hair has really grown!

Milan said...

Two great heads of hair. :D

Mikimu said...

You both look so beautiful! Great job on the twists.