July 26, 2013

Join Me - 90 Day Grow Your Own Hair Challenge

I am participating in a 90 Day Grow Your Own Hair Challenge. The 90 hair challenge will be in conjunction with Nzuri LLC.

According to their website - Nzuri Vitamin Store.com is the World's First Hair Vitamins Store.  They aspire to advance the cause of great health of people and the planet. 

Their mission is to provide high quality, great priced products and information to people who want to grow their own hair in a natural and healthy manner from the inside out and they are endorsed by the Natural Healthy Hair Society and have been in the Wellness industry for over 13 years. 

They sell a variety of vitamins and hair care products. I will be taking their vitamins for 90 days hence the 90 Day Grow Your Own Hair Challenge and you can participate in this challenge as well. Just visit the Nzuri Natural Vitamin site - click here - to get your vitamins and join me!

I will keep you all posted on when I receive my Nzuri vitamins and keep you all updated on my progress :)

Peace and Blessings

July 17, 2013

Product Review - Nene’s Secret

Nene’s Secret is a new line of products for all types of hair. They are created by beauty industry veteran, Brian K. Marks and his wife, Nene Marks.
I had the opportunity to review the line and I loved the results. My favorites so far from the line are the Leave In Conditioner, Perfect Pretty Pudding and Curl Crème.
The products smell wonderful and are very light-weight – a little goes a long way. The products in the line range from $8.99 to $12.99, which is great.

Having created 5 successful brands, All Ways Natural, African Pride, Ginseng Miracle, 911 and Dr. Miracle’s, award-winning entrepreneur Brian K. Marks continues a 32-year career as a legend and innovator in the ethnic hair care business.
His wife and partner, Nene Marks, who was born in Liberia, has since retired from her career as a model and actress for African Pride, Molson, Captain Morgan and Dr. Miracle’s. 
She was also featured in music videos alongside Jay-Z, The Fugees, Heavy D and others. 
Together the pair has developed a complete hair care system combining trade secrets learned from their respective industries with the unparalleled hair care regimens passed down amongst generations of Nene’s African heritage.
The line consists of seven signature-fragranced products composed with an exclusive My Secret Recipe™. 
This recipe is a blend of unique ingredients from Africa geared toward achieving healthy hair.
Check out what Nene had to say about her new product line …
“When I began to develop Nene’s Secret, I brought the best of my homeland with me as well as the experiences working with the top hair designers throughout the US in creating My Secret Recipe™. 
It contains ingredients like Baobab Oil, Kalahari Melon Oil, and Ghanaian Chocolate, and was developed using the most advanced technology in hair care today. I am also happy to offer you the ability to experience my signature fragrance, which took me over a year to develop.”

Check out my video review ...

More on Nene's Secret ...
The Nene’s Secret line consists of – L.I.C. (Leave In Conditioner). It works as a detangler, heat protectant and moisturizer for natural, relaxed, transitioning or colored treated locks. 
G.G. (Gorgeous Gro). It is a silky, nutrient-rich hair and scalp treatment which softens, shines and conditions while ending breakage and split ends. 
C.C. (Curl Crème). It is a lightweight, curl-enhancing crème which hydrates strands and revitalizes coils to keep them bouncy and long-lasting. 
P.P.P. (Perfect Pretty Pudding). A styling pudding that provides ultimate curl control and moisturization elongating curls. 
S.S.T. (Strengthening Serum Treatment). A fast-absorbing, residue free serum that contains Agran Oil, Annatto Seed, Sunflower Seed to nourish the scalp while eliminating frizz and breakage. 
M.M. (My Mom’s Masque). The mask contains nutrient and herbs that help restore damaged hair. 
B.B.B. (Best Beauty Butter). Nene’s ancestor’s all-natural butter which repairs, soothes and nourishes hair, scalp and skin. 
Be sure to check out Nene’s Secret Website to get FREE samples of the product line. Also, you can follow Nene's Secret on Facebook.
Peace and Blessings ...

July 09, 2013

Chasing After Other People's Curl Pattern???

During my transitioning journey, I remember watching videos and visiting hair journey blogs and ooing and aahing over silky smooth curl patterns. I couldn’t wait until my transition was over so my very own silky smooth curls could be unleashed.

Throughout my transition, I slowly began to notice that the texture of my hair didn’t appear to be the same as those I had been drooling over on the blogs and videos. But I kept my eyes on the prize and just figured with a little training my texture could be whipped into shape.

I figured it was the products that these ladies were using that produced these silky smooth curls. So began my product scavenger hunt ...
Check out the rest of my new post on Carol's Daughter Transitioning Movement site and tell me your thoughts in the comment section  :)

Peace and Blessings

July 02, 2013

Review: Motions’ New Straight Finish 3-Step Heat Styled System

I had the opportunity to review Motions New Straight Finish 3-Step Heat Styled System for natural hair textures.

Motions’ New Straight Finish 3-Step Heat Styled System for natural textures is a great alternative for straightening natural hair without the use of chemicals.
Using this system helps natural hair wearers easily transition from curly to straight hairstyles all while protecting their hair strands.
Motions Straight Finish Heat Styled System contains ingredients such as Shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, Argan oil and keratin protein.
The system includes Motions Straight Finish Cleanser which gently cleans, softens and conditions hair making it more manageable; Motions Straight Finish Leave-In Conditioner, which contains Argan and coconut oil that moisturizes hair; and, Motions Straight Finish Sealer.
The Straight Finish Sealer helps to seal in moisture as well as protects the hair from heat damage.
Check out the following results on my niece's natural hair...
First I washed her hair with the Straight Finish Clenser ...
Check out her half mohawk. She shaved one side of her head and is now going through the long, arduous motions of growing it out - and believe me I warned her about that.
Anyway, next I added the Straight Finish Leave-in Conditioner, which moisturized her hair and made it super easy to detangle (top pics). Then I blow dried on low heat and added a little Straight Finish Sealer before flat ironing.
I curled her ends with the flat iron - check out how shiny the curls are :) Her hair was also very soft and not sticky or weighed down - there was lots of movement. Great results!

At night she wraped her hair - she said my curls looked "old fashioned" so she combed them out, but you can see that her hair is still sleek and shiny :)

According to the Motions website, “Motions new 3-step system lets you go from curly to straight and bounce right back to your natural curls.  

The Bounce Back Formula preps, protects and seals your hair. So, unlike permanent straightening systems, your hair will return to its natural curly texture after one wash.” 

After trying the 3-step system I saw that it performed exactly as the website stated. My niece's hair reverted back to her natural curls after just one wash.
Aside from the products in Motions 3-step heat styled system working exactly as promised, another plus is that the entire system is inexpensive. All of the products in the system are less than $10 each and a little goes a long way :)
Motions Straight Finish Heat Styled System products can be purchased online, at your local beauty supply, Target, WalMart and other retailers where hair products are sold.
To find out more about the Motions Straight Finish Heat Styled System visit the Motions' website.
Peace and Blessings ...