April 18, 2010

Contest Winner, Pics and Nail Update

Okay the Winner of the Boutique De Fleurzty's Hydrating Hair Butter and Curls Nurture Creme (by random.org selection) is Loclove.

Congrats LocLove!!

Now for my nail update - well one of them broke - the night I was going to polish them too - so I just cut them all down low :o( I'll let them grow out again - still taking the hair vitamins too - and I'll update again.

Pic of broken nail.

Below I made a picture video of me using Boutique de Fleurzty's products on my box braids (and my step-daughter's). I also used the Curls Nurture Creme to achieve curly braids as well. Enjoy :o)

Peace and Blessings...


Anonymous said...

What a great video. I can't wait to order her products, but I have sooo many products at home already. Waiting for something to finish. Your braids (and daughter's) lasted so long - what three weeks? Is it hard to maintain that long?

Loclove said...

YAAYYYY! Thanks for holding such a great contest! I sent you an email. :)