November 26, 2008

Product Review

I won a contest on :o) My prize was African Pride's Herbal Healing Conditioner and Shampoo. Thanks Afrobella !!

I tried the products on my niece (permed and hopefully transitioning hair) and my step-daughter (thick and natural). The shampo worked wonderfully on both types of hair. The conditioner though worked better on my niece's hair.

Check out my slide show:

I tried to slow the slides down so that people were able to read the captions (you can tell I'm new at this) - but I know I got carried away with the last slide.

To sum it up it said that I will be using the African Pride Herbal Healing Shampoo on both the girls (and myself) and just use the herbal conditioner on my niece's hair - but I will stick to using Cantu leave-in conditioning repair cream on my step-daughter's thick hair.

Peace and Blessings

November 16, 2008

Box Braids Back In

My protection style challenge is still going strong :o) I took my last set of box braids out just before the election and wore my hair out for a week (as you probably saw in the Tomokas Twist pics).

On November 8th, I put the braids back in. This time I made them even smaller. Instead of taking the usual 4 hours it took a little more than six. At first I didn't see any big difference in length but I did notice that my hair appeared to be a little thicker.

I wore it like this for one week.
Then put it back in a bun.

This was the first set that were a little bigger. You can see a little difference in length in the braid behind my ear compared to the new set above.

November 03, 2008

Tomokas Twists - Hair Accessories

My Puff w/Tomokas Twists
(click pics for closer look)

My Lil' Sis w/Tomkas Twists

2-Month-old Box Braids w/Tomokas Twists

S. Luxurious Tomokas Twists

These twists are great, as you can see they work on puffs and braids :o)