December 17, 2008

Almost at the 3-Month Mark

WoW - time actually does fly :o) I can't believe it's almost been three months - I put the last set of box-braids in on November 8th and I am almost at the 3-month mark! I will take them out sometime after that, but not too sure what I want to do next.

I'm really missing my two-strand twists, and thinking about putting them in next, but I'm so spoiled with the braids because they last soooo long. I know I can not tolerate the frizz of the twists no longer than a few weeks I really wont be able to wear them for two months and I'm pretty sure they will loc after the first. I am also considering larger box braids next time around - but of course I haven't made up my mind yet.

I did take out and re-do two of my box braids last week. I really didn't see any difference (tangling, knots, or loss of hair) compared to having them in for two months, but it was only two braids so I'm sure I will get a better comparison when I take them all out (not really looking forward to doing that either). I did notice that the smaller braids do not unravel as much when washed like the bigger ones did, therefore I did not have to re-braid any of the ends after washing.

I think I may take these braids out in stages, maybe start with the middle first and work my way outward. I will definitely post pictures of how they look after the 3-month mark. So, I'll be back to update soon.

Peace and Blessings, and Happy Holidays :o)