July 25, 2010

Win Shampoo Bars and More

A winner for the product giveaway I am doing in conjunction with N.E.W. Hair Net (you'll see my banner on the site :o) ends THIS WEEK!!!!!

The giveaway will not only be for a sample set of my new Bobeam Remedy Shampoo Bars - all three - 1 Rootz; for growth, 1 Lemon Drop; oily hair/clarifying, and 1 Cheris Hibiscus for moisturizing - but other surprises will be included as well.

The N.E.W. stands for naturals, extensions, and weaves - which are among the topics the author's blog posts cover. The blog's author, also writes articles for The Coil Review and is a natural hairstylist. Her blog which is a work-in-progress, with a forum, gallery and more to come, consists of informative blog posts, and videos.

Remember, in order to participate you must visit N.E.W. Hair Net, check out her posts and comment on as many as you like. Commenter names will be added to the drawing, so the more you comment the more chances you will have to win :o) The contest will run for one more week!!!!

Good Luck :o)