December 18, 2014

All About Bobeam - Guest Blogger Post

Hey everyone,

Check out my  guest blogger post on Better Beauty Options website. In the post I discuss how I started Bobeam Products and give advice to those looking to start their own business.

Better Beauty Options is an up and coming website packed with information on cosmetic/skin care products. In the words of  its creator, " My goal is not to constantly repeat the same links, but to share links that might not have been considered.

For example, wouldn't it surprise you if an ingredient in your makeup or nail polish had been banned by the CDC but yet it is still being created? Yes - that is why I am creating this website to reveal the unexpected and to expand your knowledge."

Below is a sneak peek of my guest post ...

" Just like a number of other ‘mixtresses’ I started making products for myself. My favorite natural hair community Nappturality has tons of posts on homemade products. After using recipes from the forum I branched off to experiment with my own ideas ...
I became fascinated with the idea of shampoo bars. I liked the idea that you could wash your hair and, if you wanted, your body as well with one product ..."

Click Here to check out the entire post.

Peace and Blessings...

December 12, 2014

Be Bald and Beautiful (Still) by

Hey everyone :) The following piece was submitted by Check out their very informative on solutions for those who want to cover their heads after suffering from hair loss.

Be Bald and Beautiful (Still)

We have heard about it so many times and yet, hair loss (technically called alopecia) continues to be a drastic adjustment that people, especially those battling cancer, can’t seem to totally prepare themselves for.

Doctors say the best way to deal with hair loss is to plan ahead; losing hair during chemo therapy is bound to happen to most people, so even before you start getting treatment, you should start thinking about how you would want to deal with the impending change in your appearance.

Do I want a wig, scarf or turban? Will I be comfortable wearing it? Should I get hair regrowth treatments after I have completed my chemotherapy sessions?  

These are the questions you should ask yourself before deciding which one of these options suits your needs best.  

Hair loss is a personal issue so it is very important that you think through how you plan to deal with it.

There are many options available ...

1. Save whats left

Cancer patients usually start shedding hair about one to three weeks after chemotherapy.  The hair loss is gradual -some see a few strands falling off, some find clumps of hair.  During this stage, you might want to preserve whatever hair is left on your head by using a mild shampoo then patting -not aggressive rubbing -your hair dry after you shower. 

Also, avoid using hair products -clips, gels and the like -that could damage your hair further. Should you wish to use one, make sure to consult your doctor first.

2. Chop it off

There are cancer patients who choose to cut their hair even before they start getting treatment.  But remember, this option may not be for everyone.  Consider doing this only when you have decided that youd rather deal with the hair loss this way than seeing your hair gradually fall off everywhere.

3. Get it covered

How would you want to cover your head? 

By the time you have started to shed hair or have gone totally bald, you should already have a plan in mind of how you want to cover your head.

Cap or hat

The thing with caps or hats is that they may not be appropriate to wear at all times.  

But when you find the perfect occasion to wear one, be sure to put on the best one you have got.  After all, this is your new crowning glory, or at least until you grow your tresses back.


Now that you have gone bald but dont want to go around with your head uncovered, how about getting yourself a scarf?  They come in several colors and are made of different materials.  For everyday use, make sure to get scarves that are made of light and thin fabric like linen, jersey, rayon or cotton. 

For dressier occasions, put on a silk or satin scarf.  Unlike those that are made of lighter materials, scarves made of silk or satin may be more difficult to tie but are guaranteed to make you look more chic and elegant.


So youre getting yourself a wig. If you have decided that this is how youd want to cover your head – Go For It!  Youll be amazed at the many ways by which you could experiment with your look by trying on different wigs.  

But if you choose to wear wigs and want to keep your original look before your hair loss, always remember to choose one thats about the same color and texture as your hair.  That way, the change wont be as noticeable.

When you have decided to wear a wig, which isnt as simple as choosing the style and color, keep in mind the following:

· Before buying a wig, check with your doctor first to check to see if the purchase could be covered by your insurance provider.

· Buy more than one wig - one for everyday use and one for special occasions before starting treatment, and make sure to get wigs that can be adjusted.

Also consider the type of wig you want to use.  More people are drawn to using synthetic wigs as these need less care and styling than those made of human hair.  But if you are particular about wearing one thats closest to your hair type, consider getting wigs made of human hair.

One beautiful thing about wearing wigs made of human hair is that they can be styled and colored as often as you want.  You can also choose to make it short or long, brown or blonde, depending on your mood and/or on what your hairstylist suggests for your signature look.

Sassy6 offers a variety of interesting hair extensions, you can visit them here:

Hair loss due to cancer should not be as bad as it sounds.  As long as youre prepared for it, there are many options available for you so youd still be confident and beautiful, even when you have gone bald.

November 20, 2014

Carols Daughter's Product Junkie Rehab Commercial - Dismantling Product Closets, One Conditioner at a Time.

Hey everyone!

I'm sure I'm not alone claiming the title "Recovering Product Junkie" - lol And with the upcoming Black Friday sales around the corner it will be a struggle for me to hold on to that title - but I'm going to remain strong and only replenish things that I am totally out of. Well at least that's the plan :)

Carol's Daughter in conjunction with Special Boy Films produced a funny but eye -opening Product Junkie Rehab Commercial. Check it out below. But first here is the synopsis...

"It’s dimly lit, overwhelming, and often dangerous. Sometimes it grows exponentially, and other times it is forgotten. 

You know that closet--the one with the hair cream you bought two years ago on a whim? It’s still there, along with 40 other products. 

Welcome to the life of a hair product junky. It may be hard to say goodbye to that mountain of conditioners, but finally, we have the solution to your expensive addiction.

Enter the world of Carol’s Daughter’s Product Junky Rehab, where women come and face their hair product obsessions with a team of concerned consultants. 

Directed and produced by Special Boy Films, Product Junky Rehab is a hilarious look into the never-ending pile up of beauty products that many of us accumulate over the years and how we can finally learn to let go. 

Viewers are sure to get a good laugh as they see themselves in many of these women."

Lol at the Inkblots and that weird animal in the PJ stash!

More Information:
Recently launched in Target stores nationwide, Carol’s Daughter offers
affordable products that highlight women’s beauty by nature. Homegrown
in Brooklyn by Lisa Price, the brand celebrated its 20th anniversary
last year.

September 09, 2014

SheaMoisture Cosmetics

Hey everybody!

I'm sure by now you all know that cosmetics have now been added to the Shea Moisture product line.

The Shea Moisture cosmetic line consists of foundations, color correcting concealer, lip gloss, lip exfoliator, wet/dry eye shadow, mineral blush, lip/cheek blush and pressed powder. These all come in a variety of shades suitable for all cultures.

In the same vein as the Shea Moisture hair product line, the new cosmetic line is made with healthy ingredients. The line is preservative and paraben-free. Like all Shea Moisture products, the cosmetic line can be purchased at Target.

I had the opportunity to try the Shea Moisture Lip Gloss and the Shea Moisture Lip Exfoliator. First off, I loved the unique wooden tubes that both the gloss and exfoliator are packaged in. They are super cute!

The Shea Moisture Lip Exfoliator worked wonderfully to exfoliate and moisturize my lips. It was very easy to apply and left my lips feeling silky smooth. I just leave the exfoliator on for a few moments then as per the directions, wipe it off with a damp cloth.

I followed the lip exfoliator with the Shea Moisture Lip Gloss in the color Caroline. Again, the lip gloss was very easy to apply and a little went a long way. Thanks to the exfoliator, it glided smoothly onto my lips.

The lip gloss feels very light and not sticky/gummy and leaves a nice sheer sheen that lasted for hours - I reapplied only once during the day after I ate lunch.

I highly recommend both the Shea Moisture lip exfoliator (which will be in heavy rotation during the upcoming fall/winter season) and the lip gloss for those who are looking for great moisturizing, conditioning and paraben-free products.

Overall, I give both products 5-stars and will definitely purchase them again. I am also eager to try more colors and other items in the Shea Moisture line.

Visit Shea Moisture Cosmetics for more information.

Check out my video slide show ...

June 14, 2014

Review: Felicia Leatherwood's Favorite Detangle Brush

Hey everyone :)

I had the opportunity to review one of Celebrity Natural Hair Stylist Felicia Leatherwood's favorite things - the Detangle Brush. 

According to the website DetangleBrush.com, this brush is her favorite because of the following 7 reasons:

1. Awesome brush for detangling single strand knots

2. Excellent when it comes to saving hair - little to no shedding of your natural hair

3. Brush moves with the hair, so there is no pulling or breaking of the hair

4. Hair cleans easily out of brush

5. Defines curls and waves in hair

6. Best use during your conditioning treatments to detangle hair

7. It's the ultimate detangle brush


The Detangle Brush has smoothe bristles and the rows separate...

I decided to test the brush on 3 different hair types - well the brush arrived the very weekend that I had 3 clients lined up - each one having different hair types. It was the first time that  I was actually 'excited' I had a weekend filled with doing hair so I could put the Detangle Brush to the test - lol

Client # 1

The first client had soft, gray hair with a loose curl pattern (second pic in the before and after pics below). I washed and conditioned her hair then used the brush on her damp hair and it worked great - pretty much slid right through her hair.

And of course, with detangling out of the way it didn't take long to style her hair and I only used a comb to part her hair when styling.

Client # 2

The next client had a tighter curl pattern and much more hair (last pic in the before and after pics below) - so I decided to use the brush to detangle her hair in preparation to braid before washing. 

After taking down her 2-week-old style I detangled with my fingers first, then lightly spritzed sections of her hair with water. And just like I did with the first client, I started using the brush from the ends of her hair and worked my way toward the roots.

I was happily surprised that the Detangle Brush worked well with just water-spritzed hair as well, and again the brush glided through her hair with no pulling or breaking. 

In between clients I noticed that it didn't take long to clean the brush and that it was really not a lot of hair in the brush.

Client # 3

The last client had an even tighter curl pattern (first pic in the before and after pics below). Her hair had been cornrowed under a sew-in weave for a few months as well. After cutting out the weave and taking down the cornrows and again detangling with my fingers first, I spritzed her hair with water to detangle before washing.

Again, just like the second client the Detangle Brush worked great! Now she did have more shed hair of course, since her hair had been cornrowed for a few months, but there was no snagging, or breakage while using the brush.
Before and After Pics

After washing and conditioning her hair I decided to put the Detangle Brush's curl defining skills to the test. I added a little leave-in conditioner in the client's hair (New Bobeam Condish) and while her hair was fairly wet (not dripping wet) I sectioned her hair starting from the back and gently brushed through sections of her hair. 

As I slid the Detangle Brush through her hair, her curls began to clump together nicely. I was very excited with the results and did her entire hair - although she opted for me to cornrow it right back up for another sew-in. But at least I got some good pics -lol


The Verdict

All in all, I loved the results on each client. I was able to test all of the reasons described by Felicia Leatherwood - no pulling/breaking, defines curls, easy to clean, etc ... and the brush passed the test with flying colors! Visit the website to purchase a Detangle Brush of your own.

Check out my YouTube Video Review for more pics

Peace and Blessings ...

March 19, 2014

Puff Cuff Giveaway Winner Announced!

Congrats to LaWanda S for winning the Puff-Cuff giveaway!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway :)

For those who missed it, check out my Puff-Cuff review video...

Be sure to visit the Puff-Cuff Hair Clamp Website to get your very own Puff-Cuff.

Stay tuned for more giveaways!

Peace and Blessings...

March 11, 2014

Pre-Spring PuffCuff Giveaway!

Hey Everyone!

I don't know about you all, but I am so ready for Spring - really just warmer weather in general. One of the things I look forward to when the weather gets warm is wearing wash and goes and puffs. 

Although these styles can be worn all year, I particularly like wearing them during the warmer weather because I love to keep my wash and goes and puffs moisturized ( spritzing with water first then sealing with an oil or pomade).

The main accessory I will be using with my wash and goes and puffs is the wonderful PuffCuff Hair Clamp

had the opportunity to review the PuffCuff and I love it :) 

    Check out my video review below.


Now as a special treat for my wonderful subscribers the creator's of The PuffCuff will give away one PuffCuff hair clamp to one lucky winner.

Here's how to enter...

Of course, you have to be a subscriber of this - AllNaptural - blog. Next, Like The PuffCuff Facebook pageand if you're not on Facebook, join The PuffCuff Community by signing up for PuffCuff email updates. Just go to The PuffCuff website - scroll to the very bottom of the page and type in your email address - that's it!

After you have 'Liked' the PuffCuff Facebook page and/or signed up for The PuffCuff email updates, then come back here and comment below "Done - add me to the drawing" and be sure to leave your email as well. One winner will be chosen randomly via and announced on March 19, 2014.

Good luck!

My PuffCuff Hair Clamp Video Review


March 06, 2014

PuffCuff Review

Hey Everyone!

I have had the opportunity to review The PuffCuff Hair Clamp.

The PuffCuff Hair Clamp will replace all of those old hair accessories - rubber/elastic bands/headbands with little teeth that are often very tight and pull and tangle hair. It is very durable and made for all hair types - a "remix of the banana clip".

Pic of my old tools used, puff made with the pantyhose band and PuffCuff

The PuffCuff Hair Clamp is now available on the PuffCuff website in one size (5") for 11.99, but will be available in smaller sizes ranging from 7.99 to 9.99.

According to the website, "The PuffCuff Hair Clamp (PC) was developed from a simple idea: Create a tool that not only makes it easy to achieve stylish looks without stressing your hair, but that is sanitary, durable and affordable." The site also states that the PuffCuff was made to accommodate thick textured hair and it can be used on locs and braids.

My Review...

After viewing the demo video and a few attempts I was able to put the PuffCuff on with ease. I was able to create puff styles in minutes. I was very amazed that the PuffCuff didn't snag or pull my hair and it felt as if I didn't have anything on my head at all.

After I gathered my hair and positioned the PuffCuff, I simply locked it and gently pulled and styled my hair into a giant puff

After getting the hang of the PuffCuff, I created these other styles, low puff, and pompadour puff

Again, I was amazed how comfortable the PuffCuff was and the dramatic difference between creating a puff with it versus using my go-to pantyhose band
Check out my slide show video review of The PuffCuff Hair Clamp :) 

Peace and Blessings...