March 28, 2010

Hair Expo Pics and Hair Tie Giveaway Winners

Last weekend I attended the Baltimore Hair Expo. It was wonderful - there were tons of vendors, music performances, classes, natural hairstyles to drool over and more. Below I created a picture video of some of the things I saw.

And look who I ran into at the expo... Sarah - creator of Sarenzo Beads :o) I was yelling her name and snapping pictures - and she was trying to act shy - lol
She took a quick break to take a picture with me - her accessories were super popular :o)

Check me out sporting my Thank God I'm Natural Tee - you really can't see my puff in this picture though ;o)

Anyway, speaking of Sarah of Sarenzo Beads I also want to announce the winner (s) of my Sarenzo Beads Hair Tie Giveaway. I know I did the contest a while ago, but I have been working on a surprise for alternate winners - which prolonged my winner announcement. Anyway, the grand-prize winner is Shell :o) Check out Shell's inspirational blog Swanofdreamers.

Congrats again, Shell :o)

Now the alternate winners that will receive a 'surprise' prize are as follows:
Chocolate Orchid
Sharon Keyser
Naturally Shophia

Congratulations to the alternate winners as well - and if you haven't received an email from me please send me your address so I can mail out your prize (send to :o)

Enjoy the picture video - and as always excuse my typos - lol
Peace and Blessings...

March 18, 2010

Lots of Pics -nails, twist-out, locs and puff :o)

I finally took down my twist-out - it was about 3 weeks old. I loved how it looked but it was so itchy :o)

This is how it looked before I detangled and washed. Throughout the weeks, I re-did a few in the back that looked super frizzy.
This is my current style...
I have been wearing my hair in a bun for the past few weeks - I wear it out on Friday. Yep I was taking pictures in the restroom at work again - lol

I tried to get the back.

Other side with my giant heart clip I bought at the dollar store. My puff was a little flat - guess I must have leaned it against my chair at work :o)

My step-daughter's twist-out

She wore it like this for a little over a week.

Having the cornrows in the front helped it stay looking neat - since she is so rough on her hair, but it had tons of lint on the ends - again, I don't know where or how she picks up so much lint.

Other side...

My brother tracked me down - to tighten his locs. I used the latch method to tighten the roots and use Organic Root Stimulator Loc and Twist Gel to smooth the loose hairs. I tried to get a before picture but it turned out kind of dark...

It was super frizzy and you couldn't see any of the parts at all. Here's a picture of a section I tightened - with parts now showing...

Next time I will take some better before pictures. Here's a better one I took in the bathroom when I was done. He even had his own clips :o)

Nail pictures...
I decided to 'really' start taking hair vitamins (I've been saying I was going to do so, but kept forgetting - lol). I started taking them at the beginning of February. I ordered them from Vitamin World . I got some that were vegetarian (check them out here) and a two month supply, and plan on ordering more since I'm about to run out. So far I really can't tell if they are having an effect on my hair, but I have noticed a change in my nails...

They usually grow long, but after about 2 or 3 weeks, they start to get tears on the sides closest to the palm of my fingers, and I have to constantly file them to keep them from snagging on stuff - especially my hair. Then after all the filing one breaks and when one breaks I cut them all down. But since I've been taking the vitamins I noticed that they are much stronger.

Only one or two had to be filed on the side, but just a little. And I have been clumsily hitting them against things, like my desk drawer at work or reaching down in my purse and bending one against a book or something and none have broken. They've been going strong for two months and I've never kept them this long without breaking, so I'm certain it's the vitamins. So, if they are working for my nails they must be doing 'something' to my hair.
I don't want them to get any longer than this though, sometimes I get a strange sensation when they scratch against stuff too, which is creepy. I think I am going to cut them, but before I do I will polish them - usually when I polish my nails they always get those side tears, so I wonder if that will happen (I will post pictures of my polished nails). Again, I plan to keep taking the vitamins and will update on whether I notice any changes in my hair.

Peace and Blessings...