July 10, 2009

Guess Who Was A Kinnks Guest Blogger


Check out my hair journey story on Kinnks.com. I have followed in the footsteps of the creator of On The Road To Queendom, check out her guest blog post as well. If you haven't visited yet, Kinnks.com is composed of an online directory dedicated to all things natural hair, has it's own blog featuring Lady Kinnks herself, features very inspirational guest writers, and much more.

Take a peak at Kinnks Mission statement:
Our mission is to enrich the lives of those who were taught, they are not naturally beautiful. Kinnks.com is a resource that aids in the pursuit and fulfillment that arises from wearing hair in its natural state. Our goal is to be the informational source for all things natural hair.

Be sure to join the Kinnks mailing list, and if you have a blog or site be sure to submit your link to get it put in the Kinnks directory. Also check out this cool Kinnks Tee :o)

Intro to my submission:
In my opinion, Laquita is the number one supporter of Natural Hair Online!! You may seen her featured on several natural hair sites and blogs. She shares her hair journey, and previous stylist expertise on her own blog ... Join the fight - read more here.

Thanks again, Lady Kinnks for giving me the opportunity to support the cause :o)