May 16, 2009

Blogiversary Blunder and Big Chop Video

* Disclaimer: My mind was racing a month ahead, when all along I thought I was behind - lol - my blogiversary isn't really until next month. Thanks to all who expressed their congratulations - let's just look at it as practice for next month (now I'm going to have to come up with a whole new video concept :o) *

On to the video introduction:

About two years ago, my stepmother had brain surgery (removing fluid) and I did her hair in two-strand twists in prep for the surgery. The surgeons cut a big patch of her hair off - ruining my twists :o( - Well, she went against my suggestion to just create a cool, new style - a Donald Trump like twist comb-over - and decided to cut all of the twists off and donate them to Locks of Love.

Her sister suggested that we support her by cutting off our hair, so she wouldn't be alone. I was hesitant at first, but I decided to do it. That's the background story - enjoy :o)

May 03, 2009

New Twists

I took my cornrows down Friday night and put my hair into a puff before going to bed. In the morning I detangled. This is the hair that shed. I didn't think it was much being as though my hair was in cornrows for one month.

This is my hair detangled. When it is braided for a long time, it stretches and almost looks like I have blown it out.

Wild hair.

A closer shot of the texture and my grey streak :o)

Showing length - reaching the bottom of my chin (me laughing because my stepdaughter stood in the bathroom door looking at me like I was crazy for taking pictures early in the morning).

Pulled back in an attempt to make a low puff. The front barely fits into the scrunchie - by the end of the protective style challenge - August - it should fit without a problem.

Time to wash and condition. My tools: towel, jar - for ACV rinse. Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner - mixed with Castor oil (the bottle behind the comb), Cantu leave-in conditioner, jar with black top is my shea butter (I put a little on each section before twisting and a little on the ends of each twist) squirt bottle, mirror and plastic clips.

All washed and major shrinkage - I have a tiny puff.
Wow - lots of shrinkage!

Cantu Shea Butter leave-in added. I like how this puff looks - I may have to wear it like this once my protective style challenge is over.
I put my hair in a loose high puff and start from the back. I part with my fingers (I actually got the part almost straight).
I decided to try sister twists with braided roots.
Check out Kinky Hair Blog channel's - Easy Sister Twists, Rope Twists Tutorial

Close shot of braided root.
A few completed twists - the sister twists feel a little tighter than regular twists - but I had to concentrate on twisting each section of hair while twisting together.

Five hours later all done. Looks really spacey and stringy to me. Can't wait until the humidity and/or steam from the shower 'poof' them up some.

Side view - I clipped both sides back .

I'll attempt to wear it out like this for a week before putting it in my 'usual' twist puff. I'm also going to keep these in until June. I will try to wait for two weeks before co-washing - I'm curious to see how they will last after co-washing since the roots are braided. I will do ACV rinses in-between washing.
I'll post pictures after my first wash.
Peace and Blessings...