July 19, 2010

Product Review Video, New Hair Site and Giveaway

Over the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to try Entwine Couture natural hair products via Nappturalite Radio's Natural Ambassadors program. First off, if you haven't listened in on the Nappturalite Radio program yet, you are really missing out.

The Internet radio program via Blog Talk Radio airs on Sundays, 6 pm EST/5 pm CST and covers all topics regarding hair - all hair types - and consists of product giveaways, on-air question and answers, nutrition/health care professionals and celebrity guests and more. My products were featured on the show with Chrisette Michele, by the way :o)

During the show, there is also a live web chat where listeners can comment and discuss show topics and anything else under the sun, and they are encouraged to call in during the show as well.

Anyway, Nappturalite Radio has a Natural Hair Ambassadors program that members of the Nappturalite community can participate in and test and review products for free. As a member, I got a full set of the Entwine Couture hair products and they are great. You can stay updated on upcoming Nappturalite shows to have your opportunity to win products via their Facebook page as well.

Entwine Couture Beauty, LLC, is a minority and woman-owned manufacturer, distributor and marketer of premier hair, skin and body care products, it’s creator, Dr. Adrienne Carthon, is a natural hair stylist and professor of Women’s Studies & African-American Literature.

Entwine products and their uses:

The Manipulator" Crème Jellé Styler- The Ultimate Natural Hair Style-, A flexible, re-definable styling crème-gel used to create long-lasting natural styles with no heavy build-up, flaking or hardness. Use to flat twist, two-strand twist, braid, wash-n-go, fingerstyle, flat iron or quick-sets. * This one is my favorite - wait until you see my twists and twist-out that lasted forever - even in the smoldering heat during the 4th of July weekend and weeks after :o)

"Indulgently Luxe" Exotique Butter Crème Hydrator- a daily moisturizing and conditioning crème featuring a custom Balsamic Butter-Oyl Blend™ of natural butters and oils with luxurious conditioner that hydrates and softens the driest natural hair. Can also be applied prior to blow-drying hair to protect and moisturize or use to soften and moisturize all natural hair textures, twist outs, braid styles.

"On the Edge" Crème De La Mold- A powerful holding and molding mud featuring Micro-Fibrous Holding Technology that provides long-lasting smoothing, molding and holding power with no flaking, tackiness or excessive buildup on natural, transitioning and loc’ed hair. Use to hold edges, smooth the nape of the neck or to mold the hair. Also use for loc formation and maintenance.

"Total Perfection" Moroccan Argan Oil- 100% Raw and Vegan, this rare, organically grown oil provides ultra-hydration, true protection and sensual shine to the hair, skin and nails. * I had been anxiously awaiting to try Argan Oil which contains Vitamin E and fatty acids - it is very light and absorbs fast - I used it as a pre-poo and added a little to conditioner as a leave-in.

For ingredients check out the Entwine Couture site - and click on each product.

Product Highlights

I liked that fact that I could use all of the products together - the Manipulator, Hydrator, and Oil - on wet and dry hair without stickiness or build-up. As you will see, I used the Creme De La Mold to 'slick' down my hair/edges for a puff and it had wonderful hold - all day (and I wear a headset at work) without the stickiness or hardening of a gel. Also, for those who don't like heavy perfume/fruity smells - Entwine products don't have either.

The price range for each product is from 14.99 to 19.99, but a little goes a long way (Really - all you need is a dab - I was able to do my hair three times and my step-daughter's twice so far and still have lots of the Manipulator left.

New Hair Site - N.E.W Hair Net

Before I get to the video (actually Part 1 - I will post the next one shortly, which shows my 2nd week twist-out results as well as my step-daughter's styles using the products) I would like to tell you about the NEW Hair Net site/giveaway.

The N.E.W. stands for naturals, extensions, and weaves - which are among the topics the author's blog posts cover. The blog's author, also writes articles for The Coil Review and is a natural hairstylist. Her blog which is a work-in-progress, with a forum, gallery and more to come, consists of informative blog posts, and videos.

Now here is where the giveaway comes in. I am doing a giveaway in conjunction with N.E.W. Hair Net (you'll see my banner on the site :o) The giveaway will be for a sample set of my new Bobeam Remedy Shampoo Bars - 1 Rootz; for growth, 1 Lemon Drop; oily hair/clarifying, and 1 Cheris Hibiscus for moisturizing.

In order to participate you must visit N.E.W. Hair Net, check out her posts and comment on as many as you like. Commenter names will be added to the drawing, so the more you comment the more chances you will have to win :o) The contest will run for one week.

Peace and Blessings

Entwine Product Review Video


Milan said...

Grrrrrrrl those twists and that twist out was bomb! I've come to the realization that Ilike how my twists and twist outs look when I use a gel. And like you said, my hair doesn't frizz nearly as much.

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ChocolateOrchid said...

Wow! Your hair looks great! I'm very impressed that these products kept your twists looking just as good two weeks in.

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