June 14, 2014

Review: Felicia Leatherwood's Favorite Detangle Brush

Hey everyone :)

I had the opportunity to review one of Celebrity Natural Hair Stylist Felicia Leatherwood's favorite things - the Detangle Brush. 

According to the website DetangleBrush.comhttp://www.detanglebrush.com/, this brush is her favorite because of the following 7 reasons:

1. Awesome brush for detangling single strand knots

2. Excellent when it comes to saving hair - little to no shedding of your natural hair

3. Brush moves with the hair, so there is no pulling or breaking of the hair

4. Hair cleans easily out of brush

5. Defines curls and waves in hair

6. Best use during your conditioning treatments to detangle hair

7. It's the ultimate detangle brush


The Detangle Brush has smoothe bristles and the rows separate...

I decided to test the brush on 3 different hair types - well the brush arrived the very weekend that I had 3 clients lined up - each one having different hair types. It was the first time that  I was actually 'excited' I had a weekend filled with doing hair so I could put the Detangle Brush to the test - lol

Client # 1

The first client had soft, gray hair with a loose curl pattern (second pic in the before and after pics below). I washed and conditioned her hair then used the brush on her damp hair and it worked great - pretty much slid right through her hair.

And of course, with detangling out of the way it didn't take long to style her hair and I only used a comb to part her hair when styling.

Client # 2

The next client had a tighter curl pattern and much more hair (last pic in the before and after pics below) - so I decided to use the brush to detangle her hair in preparation to braid before washing. 

After taking down her 2-week-old style I detangled with my fingers first, then lightly spritzed sections of her hair with water. And just like I did with the first client, I started using the brush from the ends of her hair and worked my way toward the roots.

I was happily surprised that the Detangle Brush worked well with just water-spritzed hair as well, and again the brush glided through her hair with no pulling or breaking. 

In between clients I noticed that it didn't take long to clean the brush and that it was really not a lot of hair in the brush.

Client # 3

The last client had an even tighter curl pattern (first pic in the before and after pics below). Her hair had been cornrowed under a sew-in weave for a few months as well. After cutting out the weave and taking down the cornrows and again detangling with my fingers first, I spritzed her hair with water to detangle before washing.

Again, just like the second client the Detangle Brush worked great! Now she did have more shed hair of course, since her hair had been cornrowed for a few months, but there was no snagging, or breakage while using the brush.
Before and After Pics

After washing and conditioning her hair I decided to put the Detangle Brush's curl defining skills to the test. I added a little leave-in conditioner in the client's hair (New Bobeam Condish) and while her hair was fairly wet (not dripping wet) I sectioned her hair starting from the back and gently brushed through sections of her hair. 

As I slid the Detangle Brush through her hair, her curls began to clump together nicely. I was very excited with the results and did her entire hair - although she opted for me to cornrow it right back up for another sew-in. But at least I got some good pics -lol


The Verdict

All in all, I loved the results on each client. I was able to test all of the reasons described by Felicia Leatherwood - no pulling/breaking, defines curls, easy to clean, etc ... and the brush passed the test with flying colors! Visit the website to purchase a Detangle Brush of your own.

Check out my YouTube Video Review for more pics

Peace and Blessings ...