August 14, 2012

Giveaway Winner Announcement!

We have a winner for our Bobeam Natural Products/Hair's a Cure giveaway!

Congratulations Anette Tillman! Please email me at ( with your mailing information to get your prize.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the giveaway, and thank you all for supporting both Bobeam Products and Hair’s A Cure!

Stay tuned for the next giveaway…

August 06, 2012

Giveaway: Win a Box of Bobeam Products

Hey everybody!

In conjunction with Hair's A Cure, an organization that promotes, "Hair Just as Healthy as Breasts" I/Bobeam Natural Hair Products is hosting another giveaway!

I believe that the Hair's a Cure organization is fighting for an excellent cause - and i/Bobeam Products will be one of the sponsors for the organization's first annual fundraising event in Chicago on October 20, 2012 (for more information contact 

More on Hair's A Cure:

Hair's A Cure is a current event (future foundation) that seeks to celebrate the love of healthy hair and bodies, while raising awareness and funds for breast cancer -- predominantly in the African American race. .It also has the long term goal of creating an organization that funds cancer treatment for African American men and women who can not afford it.

Cancer Facts via Hair's A Cure

African American women collectively spend millions, if not billions, every single year in order to obtain “healthy hair;” however, thousands die every year from the results of breast cancer. And did you know that studies show most African American women who die of breast cancer were likely without the means of proper insurance or money in order for cancer treatments and/or an early diagnosis?

Did you also know?

1. By 2007, 41% of all African American women had a higher death rate who were diagnosed with breast cancer?

2. Breast cancer is more common in African-American women under 45 than white women?

3. African-American women are more likely than all other women to die from breast cancer because tumors often are found at a later, more advanced stage?

4. Of the estimated 26,840 new occurrences of breast cancer found in black women in 2011, over 6,000 of them died? Most importantly, did you know that it doesn’t have to be that way? Hair is a huge part of our culture and our identity -- we spend a plethora of time, money and effort into finding a remedy for healthy and beautiful hair.

If we spent only a quarter of the money and effort into our health, we would not only decrease our rates of breast cancer, but we would also afford cancer treatments for women who can’t afford it

Giveaway Details

The goals  of this giveaway is to bring more awareness to Hair's A Cure and its wonderful cause.  The winner will receive a box of Bobeam Natural Product Goodies (including some things I have under wraps to be released later this year). Aside from the 'secret/under wraps" goodies, you will receive a set of products including, shampoo bar, hair tea and hair oil!

To enter the giveaway you must go to the Hair's A Cure Facebook organization page and  Bobeam Natural Hair Products page and publicly 'like' them. To publicly 'like' switch the drop down option under your status from "friends" to "public".

Then come back to this blog post and let me know that you 'liked' both Facebook pages, include your 'like" links in the comment as well.  That's it!

**Bonus Entries**

The winner will be chosen randomly (via Random.Org) and each comment on this blog will count as one entry, but your entry will be automatically doubled if you post on your page encouraging your friends to 'like' Hair's A Cure. Encouraging them to 'like' both Hair's A Cure and the Bobeam Natural Hair Products" page triples your chances :o)  Again, after you have completed the giveaway requirements comment below to let me know all that you have done, leaving the links as well.

Good luck!