May 16, 2010

Hair Pics and Product Reviews Coming Soon

I have been super -busy at work, but things should be slowing down soon and I'll be back to posting more often. My hair has been pretty much the same since my last post. I'm still taking my hair vitamins. I've been wearing two-strand twists. I did break out of my same-old ponytail though - lol. I did a few updos and just unraveled for a twist-out. I will post pics soon.

I also tried out some new products and I have been looking for some new natural hair t-shirts. My favorite of the new products so far are Darcy Botanical's Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme and Peace Love and Sunshine's Cutie Juice. I will also post reviews on both as well.

My latest new Tee comes from Lady Kinnks of Kinnks Online Directory. I got the distressed Tee which is super comfortable. I got it in black but it comes in various other colors as well.

Check it out :o)

You can see a preview of my twist updo in the pics.
More pics and reviews coming soon....
Peace and Blessings


ChocolateOrchid said...

Loves the tee and your hair! You look great.

And I totally understand being super-busy. Trust. Things are a bit crazy for me but I'm managing. Can't wait to read your reviews. =)

Take Care,

stacikabedi said...

Your have a GREAT blog!!