April 26, 2011

Recap Video 6th Annual DC Love, Locs and Natural Hair Expo

Hey Everyone,

I will be updating soon with pics of my TWA - I am actually managing to 'leave it alone' and wear my styles longer than a few days :o)

In the meanwhile, check out these videos of The 6th Annual DC Love, Locs and Natural Hair Expo I had the opportunity to attend and vend at :o)

The first one was done by me - you may have to pause it to read the text - I haven't got the hang of slowing down the slides yet.

And the second one is the hair show put on by Baltimore's Infinity Naturals at the expo. Enjoy :o)

My Video - see if you can spot my shampoo bar table :o)

Infinity Naturals Hair Show

Peace and Blessings...


Angie said...

looks like it was really FuN...i liked both videos. Did you have a good time?

Laquita said...

@Angie, Yes it was fun and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait until next year's expo :o)

F.a.Ellis said...

Great video!It seems like it was fun.

Laquita said...

@F.aEllis - Thanks :o)

F.a.Ellis said...

You're welcome!