April 08, 2011

Fresh Start - Big Chop Again!

First off, I have to give a shout-out to Dawn of Nappturalite Radio for commenting on my new Facebook profile pic with "Fresh Start" :o) She inspired me with the title of this post.

Well, like the title also says I did ANOTHER big chop :o)

Over the past few months I have been noticing so many people doing big chops either for the first time or just doing it again, and the scissors were calling me name- lol. I had been thinking about cutting my hair even all around for a while, and after doing a trim I really noticed that the front was longer than the back, and the middle was way shorter than them both.

And I know that hair grows unevenly, but I noticed that the middle seemed like it wasn't growing as fast as the front and back - breaking off when it reached a certain point. When I wore two-strand twists I always had holes - scalp showing in the back- due to the middle being shorter, which would make me gravitate to putting it up in a bun.

I had big plans to start doing scalp massages and becoming more diligent about taking hair vitamins. I also decided to stop wearing so many ponytails/buns, which was most likely the main reason why the middle was breaking off. While wearing ponytails/buns I really didn't care for the middle of my hair as much as the front and back, and I'm sure it being secured with bands 90% of the time wasn't helping.

But, for some reason I just couldn't stop wearing the ponytails/buns. I even tried wearing lower ones versus wearing them in the middle of my head where the shorter hair was. That didn't last long because the hair in the middle wasn't long enough to fit in the low ponytail/bun and I ended up trying to stretch it to make it fit - again putting more stress on already fragile hair.

So this also helped with my decision to do another big chop - now it's about 2 inches or so all over and cant fit into a ponytail or bun - so my ponytail/bun problem is solved :o)

My New Goals

This time around I plan to as Dawn commented "Start Fresh" and concentrate on overall healthy hair while growing it out. Now that I have a TWA I find myself constantly rubbing my scalp, so scalp massages shouldn't be a problem. Also, I plan on 'actually' taking those hair vitamins on a regular basis.

I also plan on continuing with the basics - moisturizing with water, followed by an oil or pomade to seal in the moisture, washing and conditioning - deep conditioning with henna once a month. And as my hair grows out I plan on experimenting with TWA styles. By the time it grows out hopefully I will be used to wearing it 'out' more and have those ponytails/buns out of my system (well at least wont be wearing them all the time).

And of course, I will document it all here :o) My new grow-out journey!

This is only the second week, but so far I have worn puffs, tiny box braids that I turned into a braid-out, cornrows that I turned into a braid-out, a Bantu knot-out and twists/twist-out. I got carried away with styling since it doesn't take as long to do :o) I think I will give my hair a break next week and get back on a routine of styling it once every week or two.

So stay tuned ... in the meanwhile check out my big chop video. Peace and Blessings...


zainab1 said...

I love this!... and big congrats to you on your second BC. I just did my second BC on March 23rd (yay!!)
I am just as excitied about this one as I was the first. Just as you've stated here, this time around for me I'm finding somethings different, it has taking on new meanings with orginal meanings still present.

I dont know, but I am super excited to start over again, we don't get many changes to start over again with many things in life.

So why not enjoy this one! (smiles)

take care, and thanks for posting,


Laquita said...

Thanks Zainab1 - Hey I went right behind you - I BC'd on March 25th :o)

I agree with you on enjoying the fact that this is one of the things we get to start over again.


ChocolateOrchid said...

Hey Lady!! Love it!

And a little jealous! All you fab chick's keep doing your 2nd or 3rd bc's and it's giving me a little itch. I made it thru last summer without cutting my hair. The question is will I make it thru this summer with you all starting so early. =)

Congrats Hon!

JenellyBean said...

Go you!

I think its great that you will focus on the health of your hair this time around!

You better take them vitamins girl!


Laquita said...

@Cheris Thanks :o) And I know how you feel I got that 'itch' last summer lol

@JenellyBean - Thanks for reminding me - I'm going to start this weekend :o)

Dawn Yerger said...

I love this post! And, thanks for the shout out! =) I believe I will end up doing another big chop in a couple of years. You've inspired me!

Laquita said...

@Dawn - Thank you :o)

Sharon A. Keyser-Jackson said...

Nice, Laquita! I did a BC last September and loved it! I left it a bit longer in the front though. I'm amazed at how much its grown since then. It definitely needed a renewal. Your hair looks really cute and I can't wait to see your progress!


Laquita said...

@Sharon Thanks :o) It always seems like my hair grows super fast when I cut it short then for some reason when I reach a certain point it grows in slow motion - lol

But this time around I'm planning to take better care of it at each stage.

EthnicHair-itageNetwork said...

Great article & vid Laquita, it looks great.

EthnicHair-itageNetwork said...

Thanks for article and vid Laquita; looks great!

Laquita said...

@EthnicHair-itageNetwork - Thanks :o)

Angie said...

congrats on your second BC! i cut my hair again also earlier in the year...Due to stress among other things.Thanx for sharing your story, we have to stick together :o)

Laquita said...

@Angie Thanks! And you are right - we have to stick together :o)

~Marti26. said...

Wow! Props to you for doing the necessary thing for your hairs health. It looks great!

Laquita said...

@Marti26 Thanks!

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remy hair said...

Hi! i think every one love with healthy hair. good post keep in touch.
Thanks for posting this article.

Laquita said...

@coconut oil Thanks for checking out my blog :o) I'll try my best to keep it up-to-date!

Laquita said...

@remy hair - Thanks :o)

Chai said...

I'm late,but congrats on the new do!! Always excited when I see other women BC for the 2nd, sometimes 3rd time...for some reason it's just as thrilling and liberating as the 1st time. You look beautiful;-)!

Laquita said...

@Chai - Thanks! I find it thrilling too :o)

Dani @ OK, Dani said...

Great. Congrats on the fresh start! Thanks for sharing this.