January 01, 2010

Happy New Year! - Lots of Pics and New Year's Day Giveaway :o)

Happy New Year!!!!! I hope everyone has a safe and prosperous New Year :o)

Well, like the title says I have lots of pics and a New Year's Day Giveaway :o)

First off, I put in my box braids protective style. I've been wearing them now for over two weeks. I had big plans of curling them and styling them, but I've been wearing my same old bun :o) But while wearing my twist-outs before putting in the braids I noticed my ends felt a little 'crispy' and found lots of little hairs in the sink after I detangled so I knew it was time for a dusting.

So, after putting the braids in I clipped off the tips of each braid.

Picture of my cut-off tips.

Since I got lazy with styling or curling my box braids I decided to dress them up with some accessories. I pulled out my old accessory box - shoe box, and began trying some on...
Close up of my accessory box - I used gallon bags for the headbands and flowers and smaller sandwich bags for the smaller ones and labeled them - as you can see some of the labels are fading...
Some of my favorite flowers. The big green one and black one are new they have scrunchies on the back like the little blue one; all the others are clips. The two in the upper right corner are from Ododo Originals - beautiful beaded flowers - my first two of many I plan to get.
Her site is down now but will be back up in February with some new designs - check it out and be sure to sign-up to be notified when it will be reopened. The two with the stones in the middle are from Sarenzo Beads - they are so soft and life-like. All the rest are from beauty supplies and my favorite Claire's :o)

Some of my favorite slide-on headbands.

Bra strap headbands

Tie-on headbands - I like these the best because I can adjust the tightness - I need to get more of these :o) My favorite one - an all blue one is not shown - had to throw it in the wash basket. The best part about these is they can be washed. Some of these were made by one of my Nappturality sisters - Teekydawg - I'm not sure if she makes them anymore, I'm going to have to email her to see, but in the meanwhile check out her Cafe Press Shop - Teek's Customs.

My home-made bands and hair ties - all made with pantyhose. They are also very comfortable - the butterfly one is my favorite :o) - I'm really going to have to do a tutorial on how to do these.
My most treasured...

Tomoka's Twists :o) This year I plan on adding more of these to my collection as well. I should have used a different background so you could see the colors better :o( But check out the Tomoka's Twists site for more designs and other things she makes including hair ties. The 'Good Hair' one is my favorite.

Scrunchies and bows - I made the Fourth of July Glory Bear one :o) I used to wear them all the time when I wore extension braids and twists now when I put the bigger ones on with my own braided hair they just cover the entire braid puff. Think I'll tuck the big ones back in the box - but will break out Glory for Fourth of July :o)
Barrettes, clips and more!

Some of my favorite - I actually don't keep these in my shoe box. Remember hair sticks? I haven't seen them in the Claire's I go to. The ones by the clips - painted green, black, red etc... were painted by me with finger nail polish :o) I should wear a pair of these with my braid bun - maybe I will restart the trend - lol.
Okay some of these are really from back in the day...

Beads and the little gold and silver hair bracelet thingies (never knew what they were called).
People used to wear them on their cornrows and braids. Also you can see the cowrie/cowry shells. I really should add some to my box braids. The ones in the upper right corner are my home-made braid/loc jewelry. I used to attach them to my braids and twists - real and extensions - so I could be like the loc wearers - lol
Another collection that needs to be added to...

Hair ties - I think on me they look better with loose hair, so I wont be wearing these with my box braids. *Also there's a hint in there of what the giveaway is :o)*
Okay here's what I decided to do...

Square iridescent beads and cowrie shells :o) Just four in the ponytail and one on the side - didn't want to get too wild. Notice my box braids are frizzie and shrunken - because I've washed them - but I love when they start to look old because again, since I'm obsessed with locs - I think they look more like them - lol

Side view - I tried to get my hanging piece in the pic (I always leave one out - to 'show-off' the length - but once in begins to shrink more it's also going into the ponytail ;o)

Other side.

Work style - my usual bun - of course, the 'length' piece will keep hanging.
And I will changed the scrunchie to and all-black one, and add flowers and Tomoko's Twists throughout the weekdays.
Okay now for the New Year's Day Giveaway!!!!
Complements of Ms. Sarah Elliot of Sarenzo Beads - a beautiful shell hair tie :o)

Along with hair ties she makes all types of beautiful hair accessories and jewelry as well. Check out the Sarenzo Beads Blog and Sarenzo Beads Shop to check them out.
Now to win this beautiful hair tie - all you have to do is visit Sarenzo Beads Shop and comment on this post stating something you like in her shop - as many times as you like and I will draw one name from the commenters to win :o) That simple - so start commenting and look for more giveaways to come :o)
Peace and Blessings...


ChocolateOrchid said...

Hey Laquita!! Girl, I think you could open a hair accessory shop yourself. Lol.

I checked out Sarenzo's bead shop and am lovin' the hairties. I especially liked the Large green spotted hairtie and the Purple design wood hairtie.

Angelique said...

Love all the hair goodies you have. I the having been drooling over Sarenzo bead shop for a couple of weeks and I love her earrings and hair goodies especially the copper earrings and the purple wood design.

sskeew said...

I've been following Sarenzo Beads since she opened her etsy shop. Right now I'm loving the selection of hairties she have, especially the shell and coconut ones.

Shell said...

Wow, I love all your hair accessories. They are beautiful and diverse. You make me want to buy some more pretties for my hair.
My favorite over at Sarenzo's is the creme satin lace headband. Beautiful and romantic.

Sharon A. Keyser-Jackson said...

Wow, you have quite a collection! It must be fun choosing between them each day. Happy New Year!

B said...

I'm with ChocolateOrchid...I say you get your own shop. I LOVE accessories for my locs but I'm too lazy to make them. Everything pictures are beautiiiiful. I have yet to figure out how to make those Tomoka Twists work for me. :(

NewRibena said...

Wow, I'm absolutely drooling over your accessory collection. I especially love tie headbands - I seem to always get a headache from the other ones and can't make it through a day at work.

I haven't been to the Sarenzo site in awhile but I was very pleased to see all the new additions and fell in love with the Blue Desing wood hairtie.

Eric said...

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Naturally Sophia said...

Hi Laquita! You have an arsenal of accessories. They are beautiful. I also appreciate you purchasing hair ties from me. Thank you ever so much!