July 26, 2013

Join Me - 90 Day Grow Your Own Hair Challenge

I am participating in a 90 Day Grow Your Own Hair Challenge. The 90 hair challenge will be in conjunction with Nzuri LLC.

According to their website - Nzuri Vitamin Store.com is the World's First Hair Vitamins Store.  They aspire to advance the cause of great health of people and the planet. 

Their mission is to provide high quality, great priced products and information to people who want to grow their own hair in a natural and healthy manner from the inside out and they are endorsed by the Natural Healthy Hair Society and have been in the Wellness industry for over 13 years. 

They sell a variety of vitamins and hair care products. I will be taking their vitamins for 90 days hence the 90 Day Grow Your Own Hair Challenge and you can participate in this challenge as well. Just visit the Nzuri Natural Vitamin site - click here - to get your vitamins and join me!

I will keep you all posted on when I receive my Nzuri vitamins and keep you all updated on my progress :)

Peace and Blessings

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