July 09, 2013

Chasing After Other People's Curl Pattern???

During my transitioning journey, I remember watching videos and visiting hair journey blogs and ooing and aahing over silky smooth curl patterns. I couldn’t wait until my transition was over so my very own silky smooth curls could be unleashed.

Throughout my transition, I slowly began to notice that the texture of my hair didn’t appear to be the same as those I had been drooling over on the blogs and videos. But I kept my eyes on the prize and just figured with a little training my texture could be whipped into shape.

I figured it was the products that these ladies were using that produced these silky smooth curls. So began my product scavenger hunt ...
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Peace and Blessings

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NubianLockedPrincess said...

When I first decided to get SisterLocks, I saw a woman with the most beautiful head of locks. Not realizing that my locs will never be like hers. I don`t have tight curl pattern that is needed to allow the interlock pattern to disappear! I was so disappointed when my locs began to mature and I could still see my interlock pattern. I really wanted to cut my locs off then. My loosely curled hair cultivated locs that had fly hair coming out of my locs. One day I realized they were just as beautiful as tightly curled locs.
I cut my locs off in April. My second set of baby locs are being born as we speak! I love my hair texture no matter how wild it is!