October 13, 2011

Natural Hair Love Affair Flash Sale Extended!!!!

I got an email from Natural Hair Love Affair yesterday alerting me of a FLASH SALE - 25% off on all items :o) I had been browsing their limited edition Strands of Love T-shirts since the beginning of the month and when I got the Flash Sale alert - they are the first things I thought of :o)

Not only are these natural hair tees, but proceeds from The Strands of Love tees will be donated to the Sisters Network Inc., an organization committed to increasing local and national attention to the impact that breast cancer has in the African American community.

Check out the logo - they have a Tee with this logo on it as well.

Natural hair tees going toward a great cause is a double plus and being as though October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month I had to get one!

Here's the one I bought :o)
Now the best part of all of this is that the 25% off sale has been extended!!!! Shoppers have until October 13th - TODAY - to take part in the extended FLASH SALE :o)

Along with The Strands of Love tees, Natural Hair Love Affair sales a variety of other wonderful items - the one they are most popular for is their Natural Hair Love Affair Wall Calendar/Planner. (check out the video below of me showing off my calender :o)

They also sale inspirational natural hair mouse pads, extra calender stickers, recipe cards and mixtress measurement magnets (I bought some of those too), and hair emergency kits that come in these cute boxes filled with things like hair oil, cutting shears, conditioning caps, affirmation cards and more.

There is even a hair emergency kit - Strand Aid - that contains a pink ribbon charm and affirmation magnet in honor of Cancer Awareness Month.

Did I mention EVERYTHING is $20 or less?!? And with the now 25% OFF - (Remember through TODAY October 13th!!!) you can also get some gifts for your natural hair/transitioning family and friends. Ahhh just writing about it makes me want to head back over to the site and shop some more - lol

Anyway - just make sure you go over to the site before the sale ends and be sure to check out the other styles of The Strands of Love Tees. Also sign up for the Natural Hair Love Affair Newsletter to get updates and alerts as well follow them on Facebook.

Check out My Natural Hair Love Affair Calender Video :o)

Peace and Blessings...


Natural Hair Love Affair said...

Laquita, you're so awesome! MANY Thanks for spreading the word! NHLA loves their supporters and customers!

Laquita said...

@NHLA you're welcome - I'll be showing of my stuff when it arrives too :o)