October 12, 2011

Global Events to Celebrate the Legacy of Black Hair and the Natural Lifestyle

Did you know that October is International Black Hairitage Month?

Well - throughout the month of October, International Black Hairitage will be celebrating black hair with a series of events that will be streamed live via the IBHM website :o)

Check out the press release for more info:

International Black Hairitage marks a new era in Black Hair in October 2011 with the inaugural celebration of International Black Hairitage Month (IBHM).

The goal of the month-long series of events is to bridge the gap culturally, historically, and economically between Blacks and other cultures by embracing Black hair, creating a natural holistic way of living and sparking a green global natural movement.

Unshaken by the global economic dip, the business of Black hair is booming worldwide through hairstyles, products, and increased interest in natural hair care.

The UK ethnic beauty industry is expected to grow 35% to GBP88million by 2012. Meanwhile in the USA, the African-American hair industry is worth a cool $9 billion!

Activities from around the world will be streamed live for online viewing via the IBHM website.

The objectives of this global movement include using the tools of the cyber-generation to connect the world through the cultural language of Black hair, celebrating the natural, holistic lifestyle and increasing economic empowerment, entrepreneurship and job creation through organizing on a global basis.

Los Angeles based filmmaker Regina Kimbell said the idea for IBHM stemmed from conversations she had with audiences that viewed her award-winning documentary My Nappy Roots: A Journey Through Black Hair-itage (2007).

An important distinction according to Kimbell is that, "Unlike a lot of the hair events around right now, International Black Hairitage Month is not just about Black hair in its various forms; it’s a celebration of the natural, holistic lifestyle."

IBHM provides a valuable, global forum for dialogue and the exploration of various things that affect the choices that people of African descent make about their hair across the Diaspora."

International Black Hairitage is more than a month long celebration. Additional activities are being planned throughout the year from the grassroots to the global level to allow for continued discussion and engagement.

Individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations, and media entities are encouraged to visit the official IBHM website where they can learn how to join the new Movement.

There, site visitors can access a worldwide business directory, learn the "10 Things They Can Do to Support IBHM", see photos from previous events, participate in the live stream, and gain additional information about the global event partners.

International Black Hairitage Month (IBHM) is a positive experience that will leave people of Black heritage throughout the Diaspora even more proud of their culture and those of other cultures more enlightened about Black hair and the natural lifestyle.

It shows the global community that there is much more to Black hair than simply -- hair. In actuality it is a common cultural language, a political point of engagement, and increasingly a powerful economic movement.

News of IBHM is already spreading globally and host event cities include: Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Almere, Amsterdam, Geneva, Hamburg, Lisbon, (UK cities) Leeds, London, Brighton, Manchester and Paris.

Organizers in these markets are sharing their hair experiences, creating workshops, supporting other women as they transition, the big chop, discussing natural options at live and recorded events for IBH, also participating in online discussions via blogs and social media, and engaging in sometimes contentious and controversial topics like, "Why do so many Black women wear hair weaves?"

IBHM shows that when it comes to hair, people of African descent are as sassy, adventurous, and innovative as ever.

International Black Hairitage Month (IBHM) - Partial List (contact IBHM for updates and full list) (Sponsored by Tangle Teezer)

Sun Oct. 16 1-5pm, Nicky Oliver Salon, Manchester
MNR Film Screening at award winning Nicky Oliver Salon based in the bohemian Northern Quarter. The screening will be followed by Q&A with Regina Kimbell and Nicky Oliver.

There will be a hair and make-up demo plus entertainment. Organized by Karen Gabay troubadourfoundation@gmail.com and Denise Brooks.

Friday Oct 21, 7-10.30pm, Sallis Benny Theatre, Brighton
Legacy Film Festival Film screening of My Nappy Roots followed by Q&A with Regina Kimbell
and a one-off performance by spoken word artists from the Positive Hair Day.

Saturday Oct 22, 12-5pm Cottons Rhum, Shack Restaurant, London
Respect the Fro - Film Screening of My Nappy Roots followed by paneled discussion with
Regina Kimbell, Natasha Dennis Trichologist, Pelumi Rae Founder of Care for your Hair, United Kinkdom Blogger, Crystal Afro.

Sunday Oct. 30, 2.30-7.45pm, Tricycle Theatre, London
Series of short-films on black hair and identity followed by paneled discussion with Margot Rodway-Brown, Owner of Adornment365 Natural hair salon, Regina Kimbell filmmaker, UK celebrity and comedian, Angie Le Mar.

The event is sponsored & brought to the theatre by International Black Hairitage and Images of Black Women plus MEE and The Village Production Int'l

Organized by Paulette Harris-German and Sylviane Rano co-founder of Images of Black Women film festival. Contact: Sylviane at images.blackwomen@btinternet.com

***Be sure to mark your calenders and tune in to the live webstream events on the IBHM website - Feel free to repost :o) ***

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