May 31, 2011

Updates Coming Soon and Hair Routine

Sorry for the long span without any updates. As soon as the warm weather arrived it seemed like everybody and their mother wanted me to do their hair - with time consuming extension styles at that :o( But I think I have gotten all heads done and will be updating soon :o)

In the meanwhile, I am still loving my new TWA - it has grown out a little on the top, but I noticed that I cut the back uneven so again picked up the scissors in attempt to shape it up. It's still not as even as I would like it but I'm satisfied for now. I'm thinking that as it grows out a bit more I may have to go to a stylist to get it shaped professionally.

I have cut down on styling it every week - i.e.- twists/coils one week and twist-outs the next - especially since I've been doing other people's hair I haven't had the time - so I've been wearing wash-n-gos. I've been experimenting with different products trying to figure out which ones my hair likes the best - and I haven't bought anything new either - just going through old stuff in my cabinets - so far I have had the best results with HairVeda's Whipped Gelly.

I am heavy-handed with products and so far it's one of the only 'curling' product that I've tried where I can pile it on and it wont be hard or crunchy later. I also like it because I can use it alone - without an oil or pomade and once it dries it leaves my hair super moisturized, soft and with a nice sheen. It also actually defines my curls.

I've also attempted to make my own flax seed gel and had pretty good results with that as well.
I have tons of pictures and curly product reviews in the works :o) I am also planning another giveaway as well so stay tuned.

Peace and Blessings...

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