October 01, 2009

Oprah and Chris Rock 'Good Hair'

I didn't get a chance to see the Oprah and Chris Rock 'Good Hair' show as of yet, but I've been scouring the Internet looking for reviews and clips of the show. Doing my 'research' I came across some very interesting commentary on the show, one of which stood out the most.

This came in the form of a video commentary from the YouTube channel Kimmaytube. She brought up the fact that the show focused on the term 'Good Hair' relating it to perms and weaves versus hair with a certain texture. She also had some interesting views about Solange and Oprah. Check it out (don't forget to rate the video and check out her other videos which are also great).

*On the video she gives instructions on how to get to her 'Good Hair' commentary but if you watch from here you wont be able to follow them, so just scroll to 4:30 if you don't want to watch the beginning.*

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Lady Kinnks said...

GREAT video... i'm def going to post this on my blog..thanks 4 sharing!!