October 06, 2009

Documentary: Where Hair Comes From

In light of the news I read about Chris Rock being sued over his movie - read the story here - I remembered a BBC documentary I saw about a pop star - Jamelia, going to India investigating the international trade in real human hair. Apparently the documentary has been taken off of BBC, but I found some videos on YouTube that show some of it. Check them out.

Also check out this article on the documentary - Why I'll never wear hair extensions again, by pop star Jamelia

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NubianLockedPrincess said...

Laquita, thanks for sharing! I was choked up about the indian woman having to shave her head to keep a roof over her head. We are so vain as Americans. Most of us would never shave our hair to keep a roof over our heads, we would rather throw away our dignity and sell our souls instead.