August 16, 2009

Twist-Out Results

After wearing protective styles for an entire year, I was anxious to wear my favorite style - the twist-out. Before unraveling my two-strand twists after wearing them for two weeks, I did a co-wash and moisturized while wet. After the co-wash, I noticed that a few of my two-strands were loose at the root, so I re-twisted them and let air dry.

Side of wet twists right after co-wash

Other side - you can see the loose roots were the holes are.

The back - and more holes with loose roots (I'm going to make them smaller next time so I can get them tighter). In the morning I moisturized again with Shea butter and unraveled starting from the back. After unraveling a few from the back I noticed they were shriveled and not in the form of the two-strand twist pattern to my liking and some were super frizzy (possibly because I slept on them when they weren't completely dry). So I ended up re-twisting them.

Side of twist-out. When I first took them out I was not pleased with the results. It didn't look the way I remembered. It just looked different for some reason from the way I was used to seeing it :o( But I was glad at the way the top hung over my cornrows because the ones on the sides closest to my ear look a hot mess :o)

Other side of twist out - you can see some of the holes - due to re-twisting. I re-twisted all of the ones along with the entire back row (6 twists) and a few in the middle that didn't dry all the way. I will let them stay for a day or so then unravel again.

The very back - can you tell that the last row is in two-strands? I don't plan on taking them out because I think they blend in pretty well.

Twist-out comparisons: The first pic is a twist-out I did when my hair was much shorter. I loved how it looked - hardly any holes. The second pic is one I did when my hair was a little longer - again I loved how it looked. The last one is my twist-out now.
And from looking at the pictures I see why it looks different to me - it's because the hair is actually hanging. For some reason I failed to realize that my hair is longer now and the twist-out IS going to look different. I'm still not used to it though - I think I will try twisting with gel next time to see how it turns out, and I will make sure all of my twists are the same size because since it is longer, the hair doesn't blend in together and you can actually see each individual hanging piece and some pieces are smaller than others - I could just be nit-picking though ;o)
I plan to wear this for two weeks. I think the first week I will wear it as-is and the second week I will take out the cornrows. Of course, I will post pics of how it looks each week :o)
Peace and Blessings...


Anonymous said...

Lookin' good, darling!

NubianLockedPrincess said...

I did not see anything wrong with your twist! They do not look like a hot mess to me! Your TST are beautiful!

Ms. Silky Coils said...

I love your hair...I can relate to it for it "looks" like mine. What protective styles did you wear for a year?

CallaLily said...

Your hair is gorgeous!

Lady Kinnks said...

i think they look great! you have great length and fullness!!

Anonymous said...

I am going to try my twist out the way you styled yours. I have not mastered it at all but I am trying. I post a video about my twist-out on youtube.My hair maybe to think for this kind of style.