August 27, 2009

Second Week of Twist-Out

Actually this post is a little late since I have now started my next - two-week long style (just plain two-strands twists in a bun). But, here are the pictures of the second week of my twist-out.

After the first week of my twist-out with cornrows in the front - I had gotten tired of looking at my frizzy cornrows and decided to take them out. But, I really should have left them in because I created more frizz by disturbing them - so I decided to turn my twist-out into a twist-out puff :o)

I added a Tomoka's Twist Accessory :o) Check them out here.

That day, at work (during my break of course ;o) I came across a couple of blog posts on twist-outs done with flat twists. On Chocolate Orchid's blog she featured Calla Lily's flat-twist out method and pics. Then on A Grl Can Mac's blog she showcased her own beautiful 'first-time' flat twist-out along with some great 'how-to' videos. So, I decided that I had to try a flat twist twist out when I got home ;o)

My tools - (excuse the sideways picture - thought I straightened it up at home, but when I got to work to add my captions I discovered I didn't) - again, I am on a 'break' while doing this ;o) - Anyway, I used Organic Root Stimulator's Lock and Twist gel (I'm in still in search of a paraben free gel - but this one works pretty well for now). The brown jar is my own mix of shea butter, almond oil and coconut oils.

My flat twists - I'm sure you can tell I parted with my fingers, and I may have went a little overboard with the twisting gel...

I followed all of the steps on both blogs - but I did my twists too late in the evening, and maybe even a few were a little too thick, because in the morning my hair was not completely dry :o( Breaking my own rule, not giving myself enough time to do my hair, I found myself in a rush and had to break out the handheld dryer - no time to sit under the hooded one - which in hindsight I will do before going to bed the next time I plan on wearing a twist-out and do my hair late in the evening ;o)

Again pressed for time I still didn't get it super dry, hence the results ;o(
BTW: Don't ask how I had time to take pics - but needless to say my husband was not amused - but my stepdaughter helped move the picture taking process along ;o)

Some parts did dry though, and I was pleased with the results, but there was still a big chunk in the back that did not dry, and as you can see it really stood out from the rest.

I tried to get a shot of the top which dried and looked great. To fix my half dry flat twist-out. I decided to resort to a twist-out/chunky puff :o)

You can see the parts from the flat -twists :o)

Although I didn't get to wear my flat twist twist-out, overall I was pleased with my puff :o)
That night I decided to re-twist and put in some big two-strands which took about an hour. I re-wet sections with water and added a little more of my shea butter mix. I didn't add any more styling gel.

Again I parted with my fingers. I put the twists in earlier, right when I got home from work, so in the morning they were completely dry :o) I unraveled my twists and in an effort to get out of the house on time - I went right to work before styling...
Since I got to work extra early - I decided to style there.

Side of big twist - twist-out :o)

Other side - yep, I'm taking pics in the restroom at work :o) I wanted to wear my twist-out out, but really didn't like how the the front looked and rushed out of the house forgetting to grab some flowers clips which would have done the trick. So....

I resorted to a big twist-out puff - I did manage to grab my homemade butterfly pantyhose headband :o)

Side of puff :o)

Tried to get a shot of the back - but someone came in and I decided to end my photo shoot - lol.

I had to laugh when the lady came in frowning - lol
Close shot of my butterfly pantyhose headband - I'm going to have to put a pic tutorial up one of these days on how to make these. They really come in handy :o)
Over the weekend I had to re-wash becomes my scalp was itching - I think it was because of all the gel I used. So for now, I am wearing the two-strand twist bun, but may unravel for a twist-out next week.
Peace and Blessings


Ms. Silky Coils said...

your twist and twist outs are looking good. Thanks for sharing.

For ideas, take a look at my post on twist at

Shell said...

Your hair is thick and beautiful. Please do share your homemade butterfly pantyhose headband. I love to see that.

Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

Girl, your hair is growing! Looks great:-D

Chai said...

I love the updo, great for work! I'm horrible at flatwisting, but I might give a braid out a try in the coming weeks. But your hair looks incredibly healthy...very nice;-)

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Your hair looks very healthy and your twist out is looking good!!!! My twist outs are always a miss. I have more success with the flat twist outs but that is usually hit or miss.

ChocolateOrchid said...

Wow! Your hair is thick and beautiful!
Great hairstyles, as usual.

Jc said...

I love your hair, as shell said it is so thick and beautiful. The twist out was pretty. I have never done a successful twist out. I have stuck to doing knot outs, somehow, I find them easier to separate.