June 08, 2009

Locs - My Obsession

I am soooo obsessed with locs. One of the reasons why my protective style of choice is small box braids is because I love how at about the third week they get frizzy and resemble locs. I call them my focs aka fake locs :o) One of these years, I am going to loc. I think I will do it myself with box braids and maintain by using the latch method.

My brother is on his second set of locs. He cut off his first set after about four years and still has them in a zip-lock bag that he says he's never going to throw away. His first set was 'accidental'. I used to two-strand twist his hair - while hanging out with his friends he missed an entire month of maintenance. For some reason, I thought he was just re-doing them himself - but that was not the case. When he finally got around to trying to untwist so I could redo them - they were matted together. He did not want to cut, so he decided to turn the matted twists to locs.

We maintained his first set of locs just by palm rolling. With his second set, I started to tighten his new growth using the latch method (using a small latch hook that I got from the beauty supply). In between latching he does the palm roll method, using an alcohol free gel to tame the frizzies. Check out Nubian Locked Princesses Latch Tutorial - she makes it look so easy and I was able to pick it up in minutes just watching.

Here is a picture of my brother's hair about a week after tightening. His locs here are about three months old. Loc'd hair seems to grow super fast.

I also had the opportunity to write an article for Clutch Magazine about Locs and of course I was in heaven. I interviewed three lovely loc'd ladies, Tama, MiMi (aka) Carmen, and Nubian Locked Princess about how they started their locs, the locing methods they chose i.e. braid locs, Sisterlocks etc. and I asked them about maintenance - by the way even though the article is old feel free to leave your comments.

Being obsessed with locs - I follow lots of loc blogs and I'm forever lurking on loc'd hair communities. Recently, I was given an award from one of my favorite blogs - Nubian Locked Princess who also has the best YouTube channel - be sure to check out her tutorial listed above :o)

Another one of my favorite blogs - not a loc one though is Naturally Leslie, in May, she did one of her 'Sunday Cuteness' posts on Locs and posted the most beautiful pictures that I was drooling over. Check out the pictures - Naturally Leslie

I am going to share my award, again given to me by Nubian Locked Princess with some of my favorite loc blogs listed below.
Naturally Sophia
On The Road To Queendom
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Here are some of my favorite loc YouTube channels:
Nubian Locked Princess
Scandalous Beauty
Minnie Moe

Enjoy - Peace and Blessings...


Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

I got about 4 mos into the loc-ing process then had a sudden change of heart. My hair was half-loc'd from the root to the middle. I stayed up 24 hours straight taking them out. I was too impatient and I had an inexperienced "loctician" who did them. Now I always wonder, "What if...." I'm having third thoughts now...LOL

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Congrats on your article!!! I love locs too. I'm enjoying my new BC for now. Locs may be in my future. My sister has had them for 10 yrs now and they are just gorgeous!!

Arnita said...

I am feeling you! Since I was young, I have loved them. Now that I have started the process, that's all I do. Read, read, read! Anything & everything about Locs. Alot I read is thanks to you my friend!

B said...

Hey there lady!! You soooo rock! Thank you for the award. I love the bloggin' locin' community. Your bro's locs are comin' along nicely. Tell him to hang in there!

....off to read your article.

Lady Kinnks said...

u are doin a great job on your bro's locs. I didnt see this entry until now, but funny how i posted a similar entry on my bros locs :)

Kcurly said...

LOL@ "focs". I love locs too and wish I saw more in real life. Though I can always drool over the ones online, I guess.

Alice said...

"focs!" Great term!
I love locs. I think the style opportunities behind them are so cool/pretty!

Amina said...

great mind think alike! I've also been thinking of locking for a while..
actually it will be my third attempt. First one lasted 10 days, second 4 months then i miss terribly my loose hair and lately I've just been missing them...
I was freeforming and it was wonderful to see the transformation

you'll look amaazing in locks!!
Go for it!
Congrats on your article. off to read it :)

Amina said...

sigh I am back at locking :) lol..I haven't announced it yet officially on blog in case after a few months, my love for loose hair convinces me to take them down