February 02, 2009

New Hairstyle :o)

My braids are out. I know, they didn't last long at all. I kept seeing so many cute protective styles online - it made me want to take them out. Although I took them out, I still ended up with the same type of style - my typical bun/ponytail- but with twists instead.

When I took down my braids - I took them down the night before washing and styling- I noticed that I had reached one of my many hair goals. I can now wear a high puff using a scrunchie (really a pantyhose band). I was so excited!

I usually achieve this by using a long hair tie - wrapping it around my loose hair and then slowly pulling the ends until I form a bun with the hair at the top. Then I would tie the ends in a bow and tuck them in. By using the hair tie (again just made with a strip of pantyhose) I was able to create the illusion of having a full puff on short hair.

Now, I discovered I can actually make a puff by using a band, and even wrap the band three times without the bun disappearing into a small ball ;o)

Check out my pics:

I took down my box braids, detangled and used a wide-tooth comb to put my hair into the puff. - Looks like my grey streak is actually spreading.

I can't wait to wear this style after my protective style challenge....
The next day I washed, conditioned and twisted my hair. I started off doing my signature style cornrows in the front and two-strands in the back. I tried to experiment with using a shea butter/conditioner mix to twist my hair after washing - but as it dried it looked dull and felt too gummy. So I took it all down...about two hours later and re-washed and re-twisted. Of course, this took all night :o(
I couldn't believe that even though my hair was not totally dry the twists were so well-defined. The resulting twist-out was nice, but it was gummy and white.

You can see some of the white residue.

Again, after re-washing I decided to put in small two-strands, but this time I added a much smaller amount of conditioner - really concentrating on the ends and moisturized each section with shea butter as I twisted.
I was too tired to take pictures when I got done, so these are from the next day - today :o)
As you can see I'm still stuck in ponytail mode.

Back: you can see the various different sizes and holes in the back. I plan on separating some of the bigger ones. I will most likely wear this style for a full month :o)
Peace and Blessings...


Be one with the Fro said...

Your hair looks so healthy! The puff is so cute! I'm still trying to get my hair to puff status...my fro is slowly growing.

Carmennc said...

If my two strand twist cane out as nice as yours, I'd probably wouldn't have gotten locks. Natural hair is so fun and beautiful.

Be one with the Fro said...

Hey! Happy Valentine's Day!

Journey To Naturality said...

I love your Twist out!