February 23, 2009

Hairstyle Contest Winner

I entered a contest that Kcurly had on her blog (- see my entry here http://newlynatural.com/blog/?p=669) I had to write about my favorite hair style which, of course, is the twist-out :o)

By the way, her blog is great. She has tons of information about natural hair and products. She has the most beautiful head of healthy hair and she does one of the best finger coil style I have ever seen and I'm not just saying this because I won - you really have to check her site out. Did I mention she even has a great tutorial on how she does her finger coils? That is definitely a style I am going to attempt this summer once my protective style challenge is done.

The prizes were a jar of Shea Terra Organics Shea Butter and a set of Tomoka's Twists
Tomoka's Twists has also started selling the cutest hair ties as well. I've used the Shea butter - that stuff is very thick a little definitely goes a long way, because of it's consistency I think I will use it to seal my braid/twist ends only and primarily use it for as a body cream. I have to hide it from my husband though, because he said it works good on his back :o(

Picture of my prizes :o)

Showing different ways I can wear my new set of Tomoka's Twists - as you can see I have taken out my two-strand twists (they didn't last long) I attempted to wash them and the result was a hot-frizzy-matted-mess :o( - So the box braids are back for now...

Don't forget to check out Kcurly's site and stop by Tomoka's Twists to check out her new products.

Peace and Blessings...


ChocolateOrchid said...

Congrats on your win!! Your hair looks great!! I've always wondered how to incorporate her accessories into the hair!

Amina said...

Congratulations on your winnings!
I've always wanted to try Tomoka twists in a while!
I am placing your order and will mention you :)