November 20, 2014

Carols Daughter's Product Junkie Rehab Commercial - Dismantling Product Closets, One Conditioner at a Time.

Hey everyone!

I'm sure I'm not alone claiming the title "Recovering Product Junkie" - lol And with the upcoming Black Friday sales around the corner it will be a struggle for me to hold on to that title - but I'm going to remain strong and only replenish things that I am totally out of. Well at least that's the plan :)

Carol's Daughter in conjunction with Special Boy Films produced a funny but eye -opening Product Junkie Rehab Commercial. Check it out below. But first here is the synopsis...

"It’s dimly lit, overwhelming, and often dangerous. Sometimes it grows exponentially, and other times it is forgotten. 

You know that closet--the one with the hair cream you bought two years ago on a whim? It’s still there, along with 40 other products. 

Welcome to the life of a hair product junky. It may be hard to say goodbye to that mountain of conditioners, but finally, we have the solution to your expensive addiction.

Enter the world of Carol’s Daughter’s Product Junky Rehab, where women come and face their hair product obsessions with a team of concerned consultants. 

Directed and produced by Special Boy Films, Product Junky Rehab is a hilarious look into the never-ending pile up of beauty products that many of us accumulate over the years and how we can finally learn to let go. 

Viewers are sure to get a good laugh as they see themselves in many of these women."

Lol at the Inkblots and that weird animal in the PJ stash!

More Information:
Recently launched in Target stores nationwide, Carol’s Daughter offers
affordable products that highlight women’s beauty by nature. Homegrown
in Brooklyn by Lisa Price, the brand celebrated its 20th anniversary
last year.


NubianLockedPrincess said...

This video is too cute! OMG! I just received my second instillation of SisterLocks! Before I was locked, I surfed through the net looking for shampoos and oils for my baby locks!
I still have loc product in my cabinet from my last set of locs!
This video is funny, but it is my true reality!
Iam so happy to see that you are still blogging! There are so many who gave so much that have given up and moved on! Keep doing what you are doing!

Laquita said...

This is my reality as well - lol I did do a big clean sweep, but still held on to some very old items for some reason - lol

And Im trying hard to keep the blog up-to-date. Guess I will make it another New Year's Resolution to post more often :)