November 07, 2013

Who Will Join Me on My Healthy Hair Growth Challenge?

Hey everyone,

I have put myself on a Healthy Hair Growth Challenge. One of the keys to this challenge and one that will be the hardest for me is to stay away from scissors. I had to go to the extreme as well - I'm going to do this for 3 whole years!

Check out how I came about this decision in my new piece on Carol's Daughter's Transitioning Movement website and let me know if you are in or out in the comment section below the article :)

Peace and Blessings ...

1 comment:

Monica Oakley said...

A three year challenge???!!! You didn't mention that when I agreed to enter this challenge with you girl! I have been swindled, hoodwinked and bamboozled! okay, barring anymore damage to my hair, I promise to not cut my hair anymore (with the exceptions of trims and tapering my sides and back of course) for at least 3 years....I feel like I just signed my life away.... :(