December 07, 2012

Resisting Hair Growth Remedies via Transitioning Movement

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Check out my latest post on Carol's Daughter's Transitioning Movement site - Resisting Hair Growth Remedies.

Here's a bit of what I wrote - click the link above or the pic to read more...

I know for me, when I was on the transitioning journey – for the third time mind you – I would just drool over photos of women sporting their natural hair and couldn’t bare the wait until my hair was chemical free. I remember taking down my transition styles each month with anticipation, excited to see if by some miracle my new growth had grown over its usual 1/2 inch.

I was super excited when I came across Mane ‘n Tail – now this wasn’t the Mane ‘n Tail they have on the store shelves today made for humans – this was the original straight from the farm bottle with directions telling me I could use it to condition and clean my hooves as well. I’ll tell you I went through who knows how many bottles of that shampoo. But in the end I had the same results 1/2 inch of growth a month!


visit this site said...

Brilliant hair tips. Love this post. Thanks.

Sharon A. Keyser-Jackson said...

Great post, Laquita. Happy Holidays!