May 22, 2012

Natural Hair Recipe eBook Giveaway!

All Naptural and Jamesha 'Mesha' Bazemore of Imani Joy Naturals are hosting a natural hair recipe eBook Giveaway! The book, Natural Hair Recipe Guide for Kinky-Curly Hair was written by Mesha.

This eBook will surely take away all of the guess work you will no longer have to experience sinks/trash cans filled with weird concoctions that didn't turn out right.

Mesha is a natural hair stylist and the CEO of her very own product line Imani Joy Naturals. I haven't tried anything from her line that I didn't like :o)

She was also one of the special guest speakers at last weekend's D/M/V National Hair Meet-up. She brought copies of her book to the meet-up and they sold before I could make it up to her table!

I've also had the privilege of sitting in a few of her product making classes/sessions and believe me she KNOWS her stuff! Her sessions almost always go way over their allotted time, because participants can never get enough of her information on DIY natural products.

So I was too excited to learn that she opened an Artfire shop selling an eBook version of her book :o) Of course I had to share my joy by giving away one as well. Again, her book is called, Natural Hair Recipe Guide for Kinky-Curly Hair.

Check out the description:

This eBook is tailored for caring for kinky-curly hair naturally, but the products that you create from the recipes in this book or from the recipes that you create from the information that you learn in this eBook can be used on your skin.

Table of Contents
SECTION I - Preparing Your Work Area
SECTION II - Carrier Oils
SECTION IV - Essential Oils
SECTION V - Fragrance Oils
SECTION VII - Other Ingredients
SECTION VIII - Preservatives
SECTION VIIII - Let's Get Started
SECTION X - Recipes
** Herbal Infused Oil
** Hair and Scalp Detox
** Herbal Black Soap Shampoo
** Herbal Castile Soap Shampoo
** Detangling Conditioner
** Hair Rinse
** Moisturizing Hair Spray
** Hair Lotion
** Herbal Infused Oil
** Rosemary Mint Whipped Butter
** Light Pomade (Un-Petroleum Jelly)
** Hair Jelly
SECTION XI - Conversion and Measurement Chart
SECTION XII - Glossary
SECTION XIII - Resources
SECTION XIIII - Tips on Moisturizing Natural Hair
SECTION XV: - About the Author

Doesn't it sound great?!? Well, one lucky winner - who I will choose randomly via - will get a free copy of the eBook :o) Below is what you have to do:

How to Enter

Step 1 - Check out Mesha's Facebook Fan Page, 'Like' it and write a comment telling her All Naptural sent you.
Step 2 - Then come back here and comment telling me that you've completed Step 1 and why you would like the book.

That's it!

The giveaway will run until next Monday then a winner will be picked randomly from the comments :o) If you want to get a copy of her book today, it can be purchased in her Artfire shop here.


MissAfroChica said...

I completed step 1 and I would love to win the ebook because I enjoy making my own mixes for my natural hair. I also love learning how certain elements or products work in producing moisture or hair growth. This ebook will be a great read for me and it will be very helpful for my natural hair journey. =)

nappy headed black girl said...

Another contest I can't enter without a Facebook account.

I'll tweet it, though. Good luck to everyone.

LaDonna said...

I completed step one!! And I believe that I should win the e-book because I think natural hair RAWKS! lol

Vee said...

I completed step one! I would LOVE this book because I am a budding kitchen mixtress and I'm tired of trying out failed "experiments" lol. Thanks for the giveaway Laquita :)

Gemlocs said...

I completed step one and I would love to win this book because I am a novice mixtress in the making and this would be an awesome reference tool.

LexFlNatural said...

Ive completed step 1 I want book to help me become a better mixtress :)

Francine said...

Just went over to Like her page! I have been trying all sorts of mixes the last few months and want to do better, and this e-book looks like a really concise guide!

Anonymous said...

I have completed step one and I would like to win the book because I am a novice at caring for my natural hair. I am clueless as to what products work and will give the best results. Most of the time I wear wigs, wraps, or hats because I simply do not know what to do with my hair. PUH-LEEZE help me!

LuvnMyNatural said...

I completed step one and would love to win because I love to DIY and i feel this will put me on top of my game :)

LaWanda S said...

I completed step 1, I would like to win this book because I have all these oils and butters in the fridge and need some help before they all go to waste. Thanks