April 17, 2012

Launch of Carols Daughter Transitioning Movement Site

 Carols Daughter Transitioning Movement Site

 Pic from the sites "Transitioning Newbies" Section

Carols Daughter has launched its Transitioning Movement site :o) And guess who has the privilege of being one of many of its natural hair writers - hee-hee Me!!!!!

Be sure to check out my piece and comment :o) It's called "How to Begin Your Transitioning Journey". I am super excited.

The site features great information not only from a team of diverse experts on transitioning - (readers can also send in questions) - tips for curly heads, protective style wearers and big choppers, and transitioner testimonies, but overall hair care maintenance, style tips as well as lifestyle, make-up and fashion tips.

The site will also feature songs, insight and photography from Solange Knowles on Mondays, and on Friday's personal hair stories from Carols Daughter creator Lisa Price. Readers can also submit pictures to become a Transitioning Beauty of the Week.

Be sure to join the site and sign-up for the site's newsletter to also get special offers from Carols Daughter.


Vee said...

Woohoooo...congrats Laquita! :) *goes to read article*

nappy headed black girl said...

Congrats, e-sis. This is quite an accomplishment. You did a great job on the article.

Laquita said...

Thanks Ladies :o)

Tangled Hair Techs said...

Well done..That is great. Please let women know that as they start their transition journey-in order to further maintain hair growth, we have to safely remove a lot of the protective hairstyles we wear.

Improper removal of braid, weaves, dreadlocks, twists or hair extensions has caused so much hair loss.

Products like the Take Down Remover cream were designed to prevent hair loss and maintain hair growth when taking out protective hairstyles.

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Congrats!You deserve it!