November 29, 2011

Afro City - Have You Been Watching?

Have you all been watching Afro City?

According to the Afro City website, "Afro City" is the collaboration of writer Rhonda Ray and Director Lobace Stoll. Rhonda is currently writing more Afrocentric projects for your enjoyment. Our director Lobace is a native of Chicago who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA continuing to direct and edit various creative projects. Both parties thought it would be a great idea to partner up and co-produce "Afro City" and bring it to life for all to see. "

I really enjoy the show. It's about four best friends, Crystal (played by Sabrina Alashi) who is an artist, Ebony (Bunmi Avodele) a model, Fatimah (played by Ebony Mikila) a jewelry designer and Jazzman (played by Rhonda Ray) a singer.

Rhonda Ray is multi-talented she is a singer/songwriter and artist. She is in the process of releasing her debut album titled "Afrolicious". Check out her music, art and videos on her website. I love the "Afrolicious" single - check it out here.

According to Afro City creators, "The best way to describe Afro City would be “Sex in the City” meets “Girlfriends” with an Afrocentric twist and fabulous fashion to match. We created “Afro City” to show the world that African America women are beautiful with their natural Afro hair without conforming to societies typical “standard” of beauty.

We wanted to bring these beautiful images and lifestyles to the screen that people aren’t use to seeing everyday in the media and the web allows us to do that without going through the traditional hoops in Hollywood in order to get these images seen and these stories told.

The Afrocentric market is such an under served market and we want to fill the void by showing Afrocentric images and themes with a positive message in all of our programming. Creator, Rhonda Ray says "I think the future is definitely looking bright for web series of all genres and I’m so glad to be apart of this revolution that’s being televised on the web."

You can check out all episodes on the Afro City YouTube Channel as well as the Afro City website. Along with the latest episodes, the website features background information on the show as well as a shop where some of the beautiful clothing, jewelry and other accessories featured in show episodes can be purchased.

Check out the latest Episode 10 'Love and War' Below.

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