September 14, 2011

My Mini Twists

For this upcoming fall/winter season I plan on wearing all protective styles. With my newly short do, so far my most favorite style is mini-twists.

I wash and condition my hair, while my hair is wet, I put in two-strand twists. In the warmer months, I use a twist holding product to keep my twists in longer and prevent them from becoming frizzy due to humidity. In the cooler months I simply use a pomade. I add a little bit of the twist product or pomade to each section before twisting.

These were done with Sincere -Ly Naturale Products created by Dasia - I used her Whipped Pudding after washing to seal in the moisture and her Black KoKoa which is a cream/gel for twisting. Her shop is closed right now for restocking though - but be sure to look out for when it reopens because her products are wonderful!

For some reason, I always wind up with holes in the back. I end up redoing them in the morning - separating the twists making them smaller.

At night I just cover with a satin scarf. Some mornings I let the shower spritz them a little or at night before covering, I use a spritz bottle filled with water and a little essential oil.

Top - I twisted the top to the side - trying to put them in some type of style :o) I keep these in for two weeks and sometimes unravel for a twist-out.

Top/Side - I twisted the sides going back - you can see another hole - lol. As the twists get old they swell a bit and the tiny holes get covered, but most of the time my OCD kicks in and I just redo them before this happens.

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Other side - my signature one twist that always goes under my glasses handle - I can't explain why, but I always have to have one there. I like this side the best because there are no big holes!

Check out my video review of Sincere-Ly Naturale products :o)

Peace and Blessings...


KeeKeeAllNatural said...

LOL..I know how you feel about the on piece of hair that goes it's own way lol. I am very interested in trying Sincere -Ly Naturale Products created by Dasia. You are my hair prophet. If you say something is good or bad in hair land, I believe you lol. Thanks for sharing ;-)

Coilybella said...

Your twists look so nice!

ChocolateOrchid said...

Wow! I don't know what holes you're talking about. Your twists are gorgeous!!

Laquita said...

lol@ChocolateOrchid - Oh you see those holes :)

Laquita said...

@Coilybella Thanks :)

Laquita said...

@KeeKee Lol -Thanks :) - I'm really just a product junkie!

Sunny Side-Up said...

Super pretty!

Laquita said...

@Sharon - Thanks :o)