June 20, 2011

Cornrows and Puff

At work I have to wear a headset all day and needless to say it flattens the top of my hair. So I try to wear hairstyles that wont get flat due to the headset. I usually wear the front clipped back with hair clips, barrettes or bobby pins, or on occasion I wear headbands.

With some headbands after the first four hours or so of wearing them with the headset I start to get a headache - not too sure if this is because of the added pressure of the headband/headset combination or the fact that after the first four hours of work I am ready to go home - I'm guessing it's the combination of both - lol

Cornrows in the front with a puff in the back has become one of my signature work styles. I also wear flat twists, but they don't last as long as the cornrows, especially with wearing the headset. I usually wear anywhere from six or more cornrows at a time in the front - depending on how large or small I make them.

Here is a set I wore for two weeks.

I didn't cornrow the top back far enough, so instead of taking them out and starting again I just used a clip to keep them flat.

Side ... these pics are from the end of the first week.

Other side :o) At night I cover with a satin cap and in the morning just spritz or let the shower spritz and add oil, or a curly product-cream, hair milk or gel in the back. Having the cornrows in the front also saves on the amount of product I use as well.

I got tired of the clip so for the second week - I decided to add some back-in-the-day silver clasps :o)

These also come in gold - I found them in a beauty supply in a mall in the beads section - I couldn't believe they still sold these. I also slept with them in and got them wet and everything. They have little slits in the back, where they can be opened and I just opened them a little and squeezed them back together once I put them around each cornrow. A few of them bent and broke when I took them out and tried to reshape them though, so if you find some get more than one bag :o)

Stay tuned for more updates
Peace and Blessings...


ChocolateOrchid said...

Love this hairstyle. Wish I could braid my hair as well as you do yours.

Laquita said...

@ChocolateOrchid - Thanks :o) Believe me it takes me a while to do just a few of these - unbraiding and rebraiding - then I'm still not satisfied - but then my arms get tired and I just stop - lol

Mizz Entice said...

Great protective style! I also wear a headset all day long at work. This has detered me from wearing my natural hair out. I'm always hiding it. Seeing this post is making me think, maybe I should attempt it..


Laquita said...

@Mizz Entice wow - I thought I was all alone - lol. Well that's good that my post helped - I think you should go for it and let me know what styles you come up with so I can try some new ones :o)

nappy headed black girl said...

Nice job on the cornrows. I'm jealous *wink*

Before I dreaded I could never get mine that neat and clean. Kudos

Laquita said...

@nappy headed black girl - Thanks :o)

Kira Rana said...

Love your hair. This used to be my staple hairstyle when I had my twa.


Laquita said...

Thanks Kira :o)

Sunny Side-Up said...

I really like how to used the beads to decorate your hair. It came out really nice.

Laquita said...

@Sunny Side-Up - Thanks - I really need to do this style again :o)