March 28, 2011

TWA Styles

Here is another one of my favorites that I wrote for Coco and Creme - Styling Your TWA (teenie weenie afro). Be sure to check out the YouTube video links at the end - there are some very cute styles that can be worn on TWAs as well as longer hair lengths :o)

I love the TWA stage. Although I never did a ‘big chop’, I’ve cut my hair several times and enjoyed wearing my TWA which always seemed to grow out very fast. But, I do understand that it seems like that there aren’t many style options especially when pictures of updos, puffs and big twist-outs on longer hair overflow the web.

So this is dedicated to TWA wearers who are seeking various style options. Again, there are styles that can be created with one or two inches of hair; the most simple, and probably obvious style is the wash-n-go.

Simply wash or wet your hair, depending on your hair’s texture you can add an oil or pomade, leave-in conditioner or an alcohol free styling gel, smooth the product through your wet hair to achieve texture and go. You have a textured TWA.

With a TWA you can also wear coils - finger coils or comb coils. Wash or wet your hair, start at the back and work your way up to create comb coils or finger coils. Depending on how long you plan to wear your coils and the weather, you may not have to add anything aside from a moisturizer. Coils are a very pretty style, that can be worn in the boardroom as well as the club.

My all time favorite are two-strand twists. All you need is one or two inches of hair to create two-strand twists. As soon as you can ‘grab’ hair between your fingers it can be twisted into two-strands.

You will have to make the two-strands tiny in order for them to stay twisted. And, again depending on your hair type, you may have to use an alcohol-free gel to help them stay twisted.

And of course, once you’ve put in your two-strand twists, you can also wear a twist-out. Put your two-strands in when your hair is wet (again you may have to add a little styling gel) then unravel them when they are completely dry to wear a twist-out.

Your twists can be worn for a week and then you can wear a twist-out the next, creating a two-in-one style.

You can also create flat twists with one or two inches of hair. You can create cute flat-twist updos with a combo of two-strand twists or even coils. You can even create flat twist-outs. You can flat twist wet hair, let them dry and unravel to create a textured flat twist-out. You can also do this with cornrows.

To get even more creative, you can add a few flat twists or cornrows to the front or side of your hair, secure them with some cute clips, barrettes or hair pins and wear the back out. Combining twists and/or cornrows to the front of your TWA as-is or textured are great unique combo-styles.

You can also put tiny box braids in your hair once it’s long enough to grab. Now this will require more patience because it takes a little longer and you will be working with three sections instead of simply twisting two, but box braids are also a cute style to wear during the TWA stage. You can also create Bantu knots with your box braids.

In most cases, box braids curl at the ends by themselves, or you can use a little alcohol-free styling gel to help them along, creating a pretty curly box braid style. Unbraid your box braids for a textured braid-out. And unravel your knots for a curly knot-out as well.

As you experiment with these different styles, and create your own, as well as accessorize along the way, your TWA phase will be over before you know it, so enjoy it while you can.

Check out the videos links below depicting creative TWA styles.

Peace and Blessings...


Shaz said...

This is brilliant. I'm getting used to my TWA now but your post still is really helpful. Thanks for the reposting as I didn't see it the first time. ;)

Laquita said...

Thanks Shaz :o)

Divona said...

I nominated you for the Stylsih Blogger Award! Check my post for details! Smooches

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