January 03, 2011

Update Kiddie Relaxer Video

I posted the first video here depicting one of my clients who suffered terrible effects from a so-called kiddie relaxer. Thankfully, her hair has grown back.


Almost two years ago, her mother wanted to do something 'different' for Easter. I suggested different braid styles (I had been braiding her hair for years) but she (the little girl) really wanted a straight style.

I 'thought' we agreed on a blow-out/flat ironing, but her mother decided to get a relaxer put in her daughter's hair instead. Needless to say, the result was not a good one. Her hair did appear to be 'fine' for a couple of months, but soon after it began to fall out.

The following video is the second part of her 'Journey Back to Natural'. If you did not get a chance to see the first video click the link above.

Peace and Blessings...


ChocolateOrchid said...

OMG, Laquita. Her hair is looking great! It really was heartbreaking to see how much damage that perm did to her hair. *smh

Love the comeback journey and the braid hairstyles.

Take Care.

Laquita said...

@Cheris and people still think it was an application or hair care error - not wanting to believe it was indeed the chemicals :o(

But thankfully it did grow back and her mom says she will never put chemicals in her hair again.

Lady Kinnks said...

school 'em girl!

Laquita said...

lol@Lady Kinnks