December 14, 2009

Coming Soon - Twist-Out Pics - Another Giveaway :o)

Hello, Everyone :o)

I have been soooo busy doing hair these past few weekends I haven't had a moment to post. I guess during the holidays everyone natural or not wants to wear low maintenance braid styles that, of course, take forever to put in ;o)

Anyway, I am still wearing my twist-out. I will post the pictures soon. I am also planning another giveaway. So stay tuned...

In the meantime, have you checked out my Naptural Hair Story (working title :o)? - Check it out and tell me what you think. I tried to label the chapters so it would be easy to follow. You'll have to go into the archive on the right and click on 2008 for the beginning Big Chop and work your way up.

Peace and Blessings...

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