November 16, 2008

Box Braids Back In

My protection style challenge is still going strong :o) I took my last set of box braids out just before the election and wore my hair out for a week (as you probably saw in the Tomokas Twist pics).

On November 8th, I put the braids back in. This time I made them even smaller. Instead of taking the usual 4 hours it took a little more than six. At first I didn't see any big difference in length but I did notice that my hair appeared to be a little thicker.

I wore it like this for one week.
Then put it back in a bun.

This was the first set that were a little bigger. You can see a little difference in length in the braid behind my ear compared to the new set above.


Kinky Lady said...

Very neatly done. With the freelance writing, technical writing, video editing and other assignments I've been doing while preparing for the end of the semester I just can't find the time. Yours look great!

Keeping you kinky-haired and beautiful

AnyaPosh said...

Wow... those braids are gorgeous. How long did it take you to get them done?

Laquita said...

Thanks Kinky Lady :o) - I'm busy like you so that's why it's so easy for me to leave my hair in so long :o)

@AnyaPosh - Thanks: It too about 6 hours plus :o(