October 21, 2008

Old Hair Style Pics

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I'm getting bored with my braids - not enough to take them out though :o) - So, I decided to add some old hairstyle pics. The top two pics show me with longer hair and feature my home-made bun - made with a pack of kanekalon hair, sectioned and braided into two plaits and burned at the ends - then wrapped around my tiny bun to make it look fuller - no bobby pins were needed.
Hey - I need to dig that thing up and maybe wear it with my box braids or maybe make a new one with lots of tiny braids to match my braids :o). The plait hanging in the first picture is actually my 'real' hair.
The second two pictures are of my signature twist-out - I'm guessing about two-weeks old since I had on the headband. One day I'm going to stop being lazy and add a photo album to this blog.
Peace and Blessings...

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