June 12, 2008

Happy Blog-day To Me :o)

Go- go- go- go - go shawty it's your blog day...gonna party like it's your blog day... :o)

Okay, once again I have started another blog - this time I am going to keep this one up-to-date.. I promise :o)

Okay seriously now - about 'All Naptural'

'All Naptural' is a natural hair care blog. First of all 'Naptural' is a play on the words 'natural' and 'nappy' (referring to ethnic hair in it's 'natural' state -- chemical-free). Now some feel that the word 'nappy' when referring to ethnic hair is negative, and that it implies ugly, coarse/kinky, hard to comb hair.

My nappy hair, although it may be hard to comb at times (especially when using the wrong tools), is not ugly and can be worn in tons of beautiful styles. Therefore, I feel that the word 'nappy' as well as coarse hair should be looked upon in a new, positive light. I am happy to be nappy :o)

Nappy/natural hair is healthy and beautiful, and one of the goals of this blog is to focus on it's beauty. I plan to post information on going natural i.e. growing out perm, by either transitioning or doing the 'big chop' (cutting if all off), maintaining naptural hair, and of course plenty of beautiful naptural hair pictures. I will also post napural hair care daily routines, styles, product reviews and homemade product recipes.

I will start today by listing my most favorite Naptural hair community site, http://www.nappturality.com/. This site is very informative and a great start for anyone who is either thinking about, just curious about, or already have natural hair. You have to subscribe (it's free) to see the pictures, but I also recommend that you donate as well to be able to post your own pics, get inside info and other benefits. Enjoy :o)

Quote of the Day: "Do not remove the kinks from your hair--remove them from your brain." Marcus Garvey

Until next time, peace and blessings.

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Mademoiselle L'amour said...

Hello Laquita,

Thanks for the sites you suggested. I will be keeping up with ur blog to see what new things you come up with. My hair has been natural for two years now and it just won't grow aby longer than what it is now. I used to get it press but I hated the maintenance issues. I could use all the advice I can get on different things I can to to take better can of it.